WEST HOLLYWOOD—Another bar has closed amidst the global pandemic as Flaming Saddles announced its permanent closure for its West Hollywood location on Sunday, August 16.

The western-themed bar, located at 8811 Santa Monica Blvd., was started by former Coyote Ugly choreographer Jacqui Squatriglia and coined themselves as the “Coyote Ugly for men,” with the male bartenders doing their own dances each night on the bar tops. The West Hollywood location had several celebrity patrons over the years including country singer Miranda Lambert. 

With the forced closures of all non-essential businesses back in March when the coronavirus pandemic spiked in the states, bars such as Flaming Saddles took a large hit financially. Squatriglia said in the Facebook announcement that while the team tried to stay positive over the last five months, they couldn’t afford to reopen. 

“With the heaviest of hearts, We are sad to say that Flaming Saddles WeHo will not be reopening at 8811 Santa Monica Blvd. I would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication. We had become a force to be reckoned with in WeHo and I could not be prouder of the brand and all of you. Covid-19 has reeked havoc globally, and with a better national strategy here in the U.S. perhaps things would of been different. With the rules as they stand today there is no way we could of fulfilled our fiscal obligations that were presented to us at this location,” the announcement read.

Members of the community replied to the news and shared their own thoughts, including a former employee Ethan Marshall, who said, “Hey Jacqui. I loved your bar and I loved working at your bar. I forever will be appreciative for flaming saddles taking me on. I couldn’t think of a more fabulous group of fellow employees to call home. I know that I will see a lot more of flaming saddles. There is a lot more sugar that needs to be poured!!!!”

The Flaming Saddles location in New York will remain in operation.