UNITED STATES—One of the most controversial topics facing our country for the past 20-30 years is guns/gun control. There is virtually no other inanimate object that can provoke such a diverse range of reactions among people. Some people hate firearms and everything to do with them, while others consider them to be a wonderful hobby and/or a needed part of their everyday life. As diverse as opinions are, levels of experience and familiarity with firearms are even more diverse.

There are countless people in our country who have not only ever fired a gun, but never seen one fired in person. Some people carry a firearm on a regular basis as part of their job such as law enforcement officers, while others are deathly afraid of them. While some people are extremely knowledgeable about guns and their operation, others know only what they have read or been told. There is a virtually unlimited amount of information available about firearms, some of it is accurate and a lot of it horrifically inaccurate. You can look at a variety of the Best Ankle Holster that you can buy online.

Sadly, individuals with limited first-hand experience are forced to rely on this, often wrong, information. One aspect to the discussion of firearms that not only amazes me, but honestly bothers me is that some of the most vocal people about guns have little if any frame of reference. This is analogous to having a group of individuals who have never driven or ridden in a car, telling others how to drive and write the rules of the road.

I strongly support every person in our country having a voice on gun-related issues, but I want their voice to be based on true facts, not myths or false logic. In light of this, my goal in writing this is to provide straightforward, honest, and accurate information about a range of firearm related topics. I will openly admit that I not only own multiple firearms, in fact I have owned firearms for the last 25 years.

When I worked in law enforcement and the private protective service field, I handled a firearm several times a day. Although, I am no longer employed in that field, I have a permit to carry a firearm and frequently do so. I have taken numerous firearms related classes and freely shared my knowledge base with several other individuals over the course of my life. In addition to this I am certified as a firearms instructor.

I say all of this to not only disclose any possible bias, but also to explain that my frame of reference is based on my extensive experience and training, not just something I read or heard online.