WEST HOLLYWOOD— As of June 29, people will have to resume in paying for parking tickets they receive in West Hollywood.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, enforcement of specific parking regulations was suspended on March 16. As of June 15, the police began enforcing the regulations that were suspended with warnings in which people were not fined for their violations.

Suspended regulations included street sweeping enforcement, rush-hour parking regulation enforcement, and moving encroachments.

Now, everyone will have to pay their tickets to such infringements.

Fines for parking violations.

Because more people are working from home, the City will still allow residents with valid resident or guest parking permits to park at parking meters during street sweeping. However, permits must be clearly displayed and parking is only allowed up to 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after street sweeping. This policy is set to expire on August 31, 2020.

All information regarding parking regulations in the City of West Hollywood can be found at www.weho.org/parking.

The enforcement of parking tickets comes as many businesses are reopening amidst the coronavirus pandemic. However, on June 28 Governor Newsom called for the immediate closure of all bars and nightclubs in LA County, including West Hollywood, due to the continual rising spread of the coronavirus as businesses reopen.

According to the Public Health department in Los Angeles County, West Hollywood has 246 cases of coronavirus, with a total of 4 deaths. On June 28, there were 2,903 new cases of coronavirus in Los Angeles County with 22 deaths.