WEST HOLLYWOOD—The City Council of West Hollywood unanimously approved a new city flag that will incorporate a rainbow scheme as a permanent addition to the flags flown over City Hall.

The new flag is a compromise to temper the growing criticism that followed the removal of the rainbow flag that flew on top of City Hall.

Back in November 2013, City Council voted to affirm the practice of displaying only the official flags of the United States, the State of California and the City of West Hollywood on public facilities.

“The flag was never historically flown over City Hall,” said Joshua Schare, Public Information Officer for the City of West Hollywood, to Canyon News. “Formally the protocol was that every June it would fly as a part of Pride, then removed shortly thereafter. In 2013, to show support for same-sex couples [in the political landscape] the flag was flown,” said Schare.

During City Council’s meeting on Monday, February 3, 2014, the board approved the use of the City’s rainbow logo designed with lettering and squares shaped as a rough geographical outline of the municipality. The same logo has been on West Hollywood Sheriff’s vehicles and City of West Hollywood official-use vehicles.

“The Feb. 3 decision affirms the use of the City’s rainbow logo on City flags throughout the City of
West Hollywood, including placement at West Hollywood City Hall, where the rainbow logo City flag will be displayed with the official flags of the United States and of the State of California,” says an official statement.

Schare told Canyon News that part of the debate included some questions about this flag being representative of the entire constituency. While there is still disagreement on the demographics of WeHo, everyone on City Council approved the new flag.