WOODLAND HILLS—Westfield (Warner Center’s) Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills will soon be the recipient of a major facelift. The renovation plans are part of the city of Los Angeles’ plan to create a more “cosmopolitan” environment in Woodland Hills. The plan is filled with details lasting until 2035. Plans to begin remodeling of the Warner Center’s Promenade Mall were filed on Tuesday, October 13 with the city of Los Angeles.

Warner Center’s Promenade Mall was originally built in 1970 and purchased for $33.5 million by Westfield in 1988. Since then, the establishment has aged—even facing a lawsuit by a mall tenant in 2015 for “allowing its conditions to deteriorate” according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

The proposed changes will create a new work, housing environment of public transportation and new creative opportunities. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, some of the new changes to come to the 46-year old mall include 1,432 units of housing, 244,000 units in retail, 629,000 units in office space, 2 hotels with 572 guest rooms, and room for entertainment and sports activities.

Indicated by the Proposed Plan Analysis, the renovations include “new planning and regulatory requirements associated with sustainability and reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions.” See the plan here.

While remodeling plans have been filed, additional steps are unclear to the public. Westfield’s Promenade Mall still needs approval from the city of Los Angeles regarding legal restrictions such as California’s ‘lengthy’ environmental process, and the goal of maintaining the satisfaction of the Woodland Hills character and community.