WESTWOOD—The Westwood Neighborhood Council will plant 20 trees on Westwood Boulevard to remove existing trees that have been damaged in the past few years.

The Westwood Neighborhood Council held a board meeting in July where they requested the city of Los Angeles to investigate illegal tree cutting on Westwood Boulevard and to obtain the resources needed to replace all the trees that have been illegally cut. The council requested a police report to protect future criminal acts of tree cutting and assigned a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department to the case. The council unanimously agreed on the plan.

The 20 trees will be planted along Westwood Boulevard between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards in the upcoming months to replace the 80 to 90 trees that have been vandalized or removed. The project will be funded by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and will be maintained by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning  and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.

The trees that will be planted are from a surplus where the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation cut down trees to expand a freeway in the Westwood Hills area. The trees not used from that project will be used for this project.