WEST HOLLYWOOD—The city of West Hollywood awarded a contract to T.B. Penick & Sons to build a 200 car automated parking garage and a community plaza at 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard near City Hall. The project is expected to be completed in 2015.


The 200 car automated garage will be assigned for visitors, neighboring residents, and businesses from around the area. It includes parking space for bicycles and motorcycles. The city sees the parking as necessity due to the chronic need for parking space in the region.


The cost for the automated garage will be lower than a standard garage. The automated garage requires 54,500 square feet, while a standard garage requires 76,000 square feet to achieve the same capacity. In addition, the cost of the construction of the automated garage is $10,600,000, while the standard garage is $11,650,000. For the whole project, the estimated cost is $16 million:


Automated Garage – $10,600,000
Photovoltaic Panels – $825,000
Site Work and Community
Plaza – $1,500,000
Design & Engineering Costs – $3,075,000 


The automated garage will utilize a computer controlled system to park the cars. The system will include a motorized vertical lift and horizontal shuttles that will help move the vehicle from the arrival, to a remote parking space without human assistance.


According to weho.org, the driver will leave the car at the “entry compartment” and an automated system will determine the size and dimensions of the vehicle. The driver will either pull a ticket or swipe the parking card to confirm the storage process of the vehicle.


When the driver comes back for the retrieval of the vehicle, the driver has to show their card or ticket at the Ticket Activation Station. Through electronic signs, the driver is directed to the compartment of the car. The whole retrieval process will take only two minutes.


The garage is designed to accommodate time issues for those looking to park for only a few minutes. The automated park has smart technology that would park the car according to the time asked. If an individual has to go to City Hall for few minutes and come back, the automated garage will put their car near the entry compartment, so the retrieval of the car would be easier and faster.


There are approximately 500 automated parking garages in Europe and an estimated 500 automated parking garages in Asia. In the United States, the automated parking garage is still an emerging industry, as there are approximately 15 automated parking garages throughout the states.


The automated garage is estimated to process 125 vehicles per hour or two vehicles per, every two minutes and will be considered the first automated park in the west coast built by a municipality. The park is 99.9 percent reliable. For a transport, it may require one motor, but there could be two motors available to ensure the transporting is safe. A power supply is provided, just in case there is power outage. A security attendant will be available in the garage to help patrons and to ensure everything runs smoothly.