UNITED STATES—Homeownership comes with a lot of joy, but also some serious responsibilities. Just about everyone who purchases a single-family home knows to purchase an insurance policy that protects the structure itself, but homeowner’s insurance won’t cover appliances and systems. That requires a home warranty.

It’s common for first-time homeowners to avoid home warranties because they’re afraid to spend the money. What these well-meaning but naive people fail to account for is the fact that appliances and home support systems tend to be expensive to repair and replace, and all of them break down eventually. Read on to find out about the benefits of having a home warranty in place when that happens.

1. Custom Solutions

Getting help over a 2-10 HBW means having access to a variety of home warranty plans, each of which offers a different type of protection. The most affordable plans cover only kitchen appliances and systems, while more comprehensive options also provide protection for the home’s electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems, added appliances, and more. Each of these plans can also be customized to meet the homeowner’s needs, so there’s never any reason to pay for a level of protection the family doesn’t need.

2. Simple Fixes

One of the things that surprise first-time homeowners the most about making the switch from renting apartments or houses is the amount of work that goes into finding qualified contractors. Without a home warranty, the homeowner has to compile lists of local professionals, vet each of them, figure out who offers the best value for the price, and call to schedule at least one or two inspections. Consider the fact that all of these tasks must be performed every time an appliance or home support system breaks down and it becomes clear that a home warranty can save a lot of headaches.

3. Flat Rates

Suddenly being faced with an exorbitantly high repair bill can place a significant strain on a family’s finances. Replacing an appliance or, worse, an entire home support system, can wind up depleting the family’s emergency fund or even driving the homeowner into debt, and there’s no way to predict what will break down or when. Home warranty plans alleviate the uncertainty associated with appliance repairs by having homeowners pay low monthly rates for service instead of worrying about giant expenses at unpredictable times.

4. Great for Home Sellers and Buyers

Every homeowner can benefit from having a home warranty plan in place, but some stand to gain more than others. Homeowners who plan to sell their properties, for example, will find that having a home warranty in place reassures buyers. Similarly, buyers who purchase properties that didn’t come with transferrable home warranties often find that the peace of mind of knowing they won’t have other major expenses to deal with on top of mortgage payments is invaluable.

Start Exploring Options

In an ideal world, every family would have a home warranty plan in place to protect their finances and alleviate the headaches associated with making unanticipated repairs. Not everyone realizes how essential this service is until it’s too late. Instead of waiting until the point has been proven in the form of a multi-thousand-dollar bill coming at the worst possible time, homeowners should start exploring options and reaching out to home warranty providers now.