HOLLYWOOD—I knew the moment that the writers on “The Bold and the Beautiful” decided to kill off Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan that we would be treated to the dreaded Steffy, Hope and Liam love triangle yet again. Like seriously, seriously are we doing this again. This is ridiculous, I mean the writing at this point has become so bad on “The Bold and the Beautiful” I have officially decided it might be time for me to tune out.

We have dealt with this storyline of Steffy, Hope and Liam for more than a decade if not longer. Hell at this point I don’t even remember; that’s how annoyed I have become with this. The audience finally gets a new character, one that swoops Steffy off her feet and away from Liam FINALLY. Only for the soap to decide to kill him off at the hands of his own wicked mother Sheila Carter? Now, Sheila being his mother was a great twist, hell, I would have even been okay if Sheila had shot Finn, but to kill him!

You might say, none of this makes sense, but wait for it people, all will be crystal clear soon. Steffy is suffering from memory loss as a result of the shooting. The shooter, Sheila is right under her nose, but Steffy can’t remember anything, so Sheila is keeping a watchful eye because if the truth explodes Sheila’s world is not going to be blown to bits, it is likely the end of Sheila Carter as a result. Hell, we’re still dragging the Sheila swapped Brooke’s champagne glass storyline and I’m annoyed as hell by this. It has been nearly 6 months and we’re still dragging this, and May Sweeps starts next week people. What bomb are the writers planning to drop on us?

Oh, I know, Liam has to play house with Steffy as she tries to regain her memory. This is causing a rift in Liam and Hope’s relationship and Brooke and Hope are whining. Look, a woman has just been shot, her husband is dead and she is now single parent as a result. Making matters worse is the culprit is sitting right under Steffy’s nose and she has no idea. Brooke and Hope are being a bit much considering the situation, but one would like to believe that Liam would be faithful to his actual wife and not travel down that path that he has been down so many times that it has caused this love triangle to last much longer than it should have and got dammit, I’m sick of it. No one wants to see Liam, Steffy and Hope in an ongoing love triangle A year or two is fine, 10 years it’s exhausting at this point.

Steffy was revealed the truth via Liam about Finn and him dying so her memory is indeed coming back, but in very small pieces people. So Sheila dropping by unexpected and getting the boot is just increasing the instability in this woman who killed her son and is trying to bond with her grandson. Sheila is worried sick Steffy will remember what transpired and guess what it is bound to happen people, the question we all want to know is when it will happen.

I am starting to wonder if the writers care anymore because once again staple characters like Eric Forrester, Bill Spencer are still waiting in the wings for a storyline. Hell, I cannot remember the last time I saw Katie Logan (Heather Tom) on the screen. This woman is a terrific actress and her talents are going unused for an insipid love triangle that people stopped caring about years ago people, years ago!

It is starting to look like Quinn and Carter might become an item again, after his dalliance with Paris. The “B&B” is such a mess right now I feel sorry for the talented actors and actresses on this soap. We like to have other characters showcased in the soap arena because it prevents boredom. Seeing the same people day after day after day, week after week is NOT FUN.

I don’t know what is going on in that writers’ room, but someone needs to kick in the door and take over the reins because it is an utter mess right now on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and that is NOT a good thing at all.