In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court repelled the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The ruling made it possible for US states to regulate sports betting as they see fit. Many immediately jumped on the opportunity, and more are in the process of pushing through such legislation.

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), in October of 2020, Americans legally bet over $3 billion on sports. It was the first time that this number when above the three-billion-mark in a single month. Many believe that live in-play betting is a massive contributing factor to this figure and why the sector is on a continuous upswing.

Below we will breakdown the following:

· What is live betting?
· How does live betting work?
· What are its advantages/disadvantages?
· Live betting strategy.
· The best online sportsbooks to place live wagers.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is the option to place a wager on a sporting event that is in progress. Meaning, live markets are active as games transpire.

In-play wagering has been a thing since the early 1990s. Particularly popular in baseball. Since the invention of the internet, it became available to all US sports enthusiasts with the appearance of digital sportsbooks. Today, it is the preferred betting option for newbie bettors.

How Does Live Betting Work?

As mentioned, a live wager is one made after the game begins and before it ends. During this period, the odds change depending on what occurs in the event.

The odds usually get shifted manually, but in some instances, an algorithm sets them. In the first case, a bookie adjusts them based on his experience. In the latter, software modifies them according to pre-determined patterns.

Given that bookies have to act fast, they are more prone to making mistakes. Thus, allowing bettors an opportunity to capitalize on loose lines. However, due to the need for continuous odds adjustments, there are fewer live markets than regular ones.

Pros and Cons of Live Wagering On Sports
There is no doubt that live betting is driving hordes of land-based bettors to the online sphere. It provides new opportunities for you to use your expertise to gain an edge over a bookie.

Its main benefits lay in that it:

· It lets you make calls mid-game.
· It provides unique bonuses, such as free live bets.
· It allows you to find new value as lines change.
· You can win money before the game ends.
The key disadvantages of the practice are:
· Real-time odds are stingier than regular ones.
· Some mobile apps do not list the same live markets as browser versions.

Live Sports Betting Tips

How do you always win on live betting? As with anything, there is no sure-fire formula to profit. However, there are a few live sports betting tips that can help you improve your chances of staying out of the red.

If you aim to maintain long-term gains, you should:

· Place a pre-game bet first – If you do, you can trade your pre-game bet with a live one if the game swings in a less-desirable direction.

· Use statistics – Check out services like BetRadar for accurate info on head-to-head confrontations and player form.

· Watch up-to-date live streams – Some streams may lag. Therefore, you may be up to a minute behind the action. That can lead to bad calls.

· Claim a free bet – It will be a small one, likely around $5. Nonetheless, it is an excellent chance to try out a site’s in-play system.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Live Wagering

In 2018, the AGA claimed that there were over 2,800 gambling sites. Since then, twenty states have legalized sports betting, and six have recently passed bills to do so.

In a sea of many competitors, it is hard to weed out reputable ones. Yet, thanks to Safest Betting Sites, we gather the best and most trusted online sportsbooks for live betting.

These are:
· BetNow – Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $500. Code: BN50.
· Bovada – Deposit match on registration of 50% up to $250.
· MyBookie – First deposit match of 50% up to $1,000.
· SportsBetting – Welcome offer of 50% up to $1,000. Code – SB1000.
· BetUS – Sign-Up Bonus: 125% up to $2,500.

Final Thoughts

In-play betting lets you see what is happening before deciding if you should lay down your hard-earned cash. You can wait and see how that game you have had your eye on is shaping up before placing a bet with the best online sportsbooks.

Know that, as with all gambling, there is no guaranteed way to profit. Nevertheless, that does not mean that a live betting system or the tips listed above won’t help. Always research an event before wagering, pay close attention to it, and its associated odds while it transpires. Also, remember never to chase losses.