HELLO AMERICA!—Did you know the total length of the world’s coastline is approximately two hundred and eighteen thousand miles? That the beach is always in a state of development due to erosion? The shoreline is continually growing and shrinking.

It’s creating new and mysterious spots everyday filled with waves crashing on shore. Filmmaker, Tony Liuzzi contends that the sport of skim-boarding has taken on a global search in these unknown and uncharted areas over the past hundred years.

Liuzzi further noted: “Little did they know that they would discover the largest and strongest force known to man. The power of family and camaraderie is something that is rarely found in individually based sports, particularly those sports that have elevated into the competitive and professional level.”

Over the past year, Shore-break has been following the athletes’ outlook and lifestyles surrounding the sport of skim-boarding, even being lucky enough to travel to the ends of the earth to truly see what they can do with endless possibilities. The list of pure skim talent outlined on this film is larger than any other film ever before. Tex Haines wrote via his Facebook page, “These guys are going to do a great job. Very impressive…”
This feature length documentary includes dozens of interviews from every big name in the sport! Including well known athletes like: Paulo Prietto, Blair Conklin, Austin Keen, the Bryan brothers and many more. The film also includes interviews with over a dozen legends in the sport such as Tex Haines, Aaron Peluso, Paul Wade, Harry Wilson, and the list goes on.

Even including a look into the amateur division to help show the learning curve and how far it has come with the help of the entire family. Also the film has been uncovering lost and ancient footage with the help of many film makers. To truly help the documentary expand to its full potential, “Shorebreak” will release the feature in many different languages based on its international athlete list.

Pulse Magazine contends: “There is no doubt in my mind that our documentary-style skim-boarding film is on par with “Riding Giants” and “Dog-town & Z-Boys” will surly bring you to the edge of your seat.”  Tony further urged everyone to check out the trailer of “Shorebreak: The Evolution of Skimboarding” at shorebreakfilm.com. The documentary is scheduled for release in early 2015.