UNITED STATES—Most business owners prefer using a window cleaning company to private contractors or doing it themselves when it comes to the high-rise cleaning of their windows. This is because of the professionalism and the experience these companies have in this profession.

If you look at how the high-rise window cleaning companies operate, you will find that they use a variety of safety equipment and quality window cleaning materials. Some of these things are quite expensive for a small-scale cleaner.

Working as a high-rise window cleaner is a dangerous job that comes with a lot of responsibilities.

You also need to be trained on the safety measures that you need to employ when working. It is a difficult job and you need to understand what it is like working as a high-rise window cleaner.

What Does the Job Entail?

A high-rise window cleaner is tasked with cleaning the outside and inside surfaces of high-rise building windows. The job comes with a host of other tasks that the cleaner is supposed to handle.

Even though the past few years have seen a rise in the construction of skyscrapers, the COVID-19 pandemic affected this profession. However, things are changing. For instance, Window Cleaning Edmonton has recovered and window cleaning services are increasingly in high demand.

This job also entails cleaning different types of buildings. Sometimes, as a high-rise window cleaner, you might be cleaning commercial properties while other times you clean residential ones or even private homes.

Is the Job Risky?

Working as a high-rise window cleaner is one of the most dangerous jobs you can find yourself engaged in today. So, yes, it is a risky job. To start with, you should know that a low-rise window cleaner does not take a lot of risks compared to high-rise window cleaners.

The risky part of this job is the fact that the cleaners work at big heights – a height that they cannot survive if something was to happen and they fell.

This explains the reason why these cleaners are supposed to take different safety measures when working on high-rise buildings. 

Do High-Rise Window Cleaners Need Special Skills?

Working as a high-rise window cleaner comes with a lot of responsibilities and requires the cleaner to have several skills.

For instance, you need to have effective cleaning skills to enable you to do your job without any problems.

In addition, you need to be able to work with minimal or no supervision at all because you do not expect someone to be giving orders when you are two hundred meters above the ground.

A high-rise window cleaner should also be able to work several meters above the ground, in different types of safety equipment. This is not a job for people who can be affected by height.

Working as a high-rise window cleaner requires you to be able to spend between thirty and forty hours a week working, starting early in the morning to late in the afternoon. This is because the job requires proper natural lighting.

Do You Require Training to Work as a High-Rise Window Cleaner?

If you dream of working as a high-rise window cleaner, you do not need any specific education. The basic education is enough but you need to be a quick learner.

However, you will need to go through some training or apprenticeship for you to gain experience and get used to the job. This is important especially because of the risk involved with the job.

If you get a high-rise window cleaning job with a good company, you will start as a trainee. This means that you will go through thorough training to make you a professional on the job. 

Some of these companies will even take you through safety courses, give you safety certificates, and ensure that you understand all the hacks in cleaning an office.


Finally, working as a high-rise window cleaner requires you to be able to spot any problems that might exist on the windows that you are cleaning.

For instance, if you see damaged seals, frames, or even glass, you should take note and inform your supervisor or the client for repair.

High-rise window cleaning is a difficult and risky job, but with the right training, positive attitude, and support, anyone who wants to have a career in this field can be successful.