UNITED STATES—Psyonix recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming season 3 of Rocket League and it looks super dope! And the best part is the season 3 is going live as early as April 7, 2021 and from the looks of it, the season will be all about speed! But what exactly should the fans be expecting from this new season? Let’s find out:

Obsessed with Racing!

The next season is going to be all about fast cars and racing as Psyonix seems to have collaborated with NASCAR and Formula 1 to bring the fastest cars to the track. There will be brand new Rocket Pass Premium to unlock the all-new Rocket pass car, Tyranno but that’s only the beginning for what is to come as there will be ton of new racing gears and items coming in as well.

We will also have a whole new DFH stadium and a ton of customizations for our brand new Tyranno including a custom-made goal celebrate animation along side some other items as well. Don’t worry, if you don’t pay up as Psyonix will also allow you to players with free Rocket Pass to unlock some of the items.

Sideswipe Coming to Mobile

Psyonix has decided to up the game and as with the release of season 3, we are hearing news about the new Rocket League 2D remake that is going to make its way to the mobile gaming industry this year.

According to what we know so far from the recent announcements by Psyonix, the Sideswipe will be 2D remake of the game with the same gameplay. It will be played as a 1v1 or 2v2 matches with the same core mechanics and goals as the Rocket League, the players will have to hit the ball to the goal and the game will also have its own competitive ranking system as well.

Get it All!

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