UNITED STATES−If ever there was a time that would make a person want to go back in history, it’s now.  This did not happen overnight.  It’s been simmering like a good pork roast, slowly over time.

The days of laying on the floor watching the old fat backed television set complete with three channels, maybe 4, if you had UHF. Dad would have you move the rabbit ears if the picture was less than perfect.

The lack of technology may not be missed. You can’t get that time with the Cleavers and your family back. June Cleaver never would have said God’s name in vain on public TV.

Leap about three decades and oops, there it is right there on the news. Walter Cronkite isn’t saying the sh** and damns on TV, but somebody is. Then comes the “B” word.

Little did we know we were being conditioned. Now, it’ “F” this and “F” that.
June Cleaver would not have been okay if the Beave dropped the “F-Bomb.”

The schools in the south and southwest began going back to students saying Sir and Ma’am to their elders in school in an attempt to regain respect.

People in other areas of the world weren’t offended by foul language on TV but were offended by adults demanding respect in the classroom.  Little did they know the violence that would ensue after God and respect for anyone or anything was kicked out of school.

Well, here we are. The mention of God or hint of respect of any kind are gone but people are welcome to share liberal views. If you’re offended by someone or something, you may take a time out in your “safe space.”

What’s so offensive about the truth? If it’s conservative many people started to get offended. Last year, some conservatives would not wave their Trump flags. Others waved them all over the lake.

People began to say, “Just fly an American flag. They’ll know who you’re voting for.” Well, that’s a sad state of affairs.

Isn’t the American flag considered patriotic anymore, or an important part of our history?

Surely, we won’t allow others to insist upon today’s U.S. citizens erasing our country’s history. After all, isn’t that how we learn from our mistakes?

When did it become okay to slam and slander the President of the United States?

In 2017 actress Kathy Griffin held up a picture of a scalped head of President Trump. When reporters asked Griffin about her actions, she called it, “An expression of art.”

In April of 2020 filmmaker, Michael Moore posted a video on Facebook. It could be found on, “Rumble with Michael Moore.” It depicted several individuals attacking a man-made dummy made up to look like President Trump.

A man wearing a Donald Trump costume was assaulted by a teen.

Children were verbally abused and suspended from school after dressing up as President Trump during spirit week or wearing a, “Make America Great Again,” on hat day.

If you get to heaven before me, apologize to June Cleaver [Barbara Billingsly].  She would be mortified.