UNITED STATES—If you’re flying out of Cincinnati Airport, then you’ll have a lot to think about on the day of your trip. Finding parking really shouldn’t be a step you take at the last minute, and luckily there are a lot of places you can book in advance to leave your vehicle in a safe, secure and affordable facility until you return.

As you’d expect with any major airport, there are a lot of parking options available, so which are the best of the bunch, and where can you find the venues that combine cost-effectiveness with quality?

Compare airport parking providers online

To find the best airport parking CVG has to offer, looking online is your best bet. You can weigh up the providers and the packages they offer not only based on fundamental facts like the price, but also on a huge range of other aspects that might sway your decision.

For example, if accessibility is a concern for you, then parking from Hilton and Holiday Inn might grab your attention. Meanwhile you could be compelled to make a decision by the promise of additional layers of security that go above and beyond the basics, in which case the Quality Inn will tick all the boxes.

Having these metrics in mind before you start your search is handy. And of course with modern comparison tools, filtering out unsuitable airport parking providers to home in on the right one for you is a breeze.

Book ahead of time

Finding a good place to park for a flight out of Cincinnati is just the first step, as you’ll need to make sure that there is availability for the date and time that you need it. The longer you procrastinate, the more likely it will be that your ideal choice will no longer be available.

The best solution is to book your airport parking as soon as you have locked in your flights, and don’t wait any longer. Factor it in as part of your initial trip planning session, and don’t put it off until later, or you’ll likely regret it.

Don’t be too picky about location

One point to make about airport parking in Cincinnati is that it isn’t all especially close to the airport itself, which might be a concern for anyone who has never flown out of this city before.

The good news is that if you check the services offered by each parking facility provider carefully, you should be able to find out which ones offer a shuttle service to the airport, and which provide this around the clock.

Obviously the distance from the parking spot to the airport will need to be considered in your timings for the day; there’s no point turning up with little time to spare only to realize that it will take you up to 30 minutes to get the shuttle to the terminal building.

Short term or long term?

Finally, it’s worth thinking about whether you need a short term or long term parking solution. Short term is obviously more expensive, costing anywhere between $15 and $30 daily or more, while long term can be cheaper, but doesn’t necessarily put you as close to the airport itself.

The length of your trip, as well as your budget, will have an impact on which type of parking you pick. For travel that involves leaving your car for more than a few days, long term parking will be best, and with the top providers even allowing you to enjoy valet parking, doing your research is worthwhile.