HELLO AMERICA!—During my stay at home, the world continued to twist and turn in every direction trying to escape the corona invasion. Then witnessing the horrifying scene of thousands of citizens attacking the Capitol was something unbelievable to witness. It was as if we were viewing a Hollywood film with tons of yelling, screaming, angry extras working had for their days’ fee!

Then hearing that some of these terrorists were aiming to kill Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other heads of our government officers was a bit unnerving, it was an America that was straight out of a book of horror.

President Trump remained at The White House as the chaos erupted on the U.S. Capitol. Individuals wore TRUMP caps, donned confederate flags and uniforms, White Supremacy jackets, and all the other indications of the Civil War and hate it represented. I was fighting back tears and anger witnessing the obvious ignorance and hate.

The air of hope changed when it was verified that President Biden had won the election over and over. It was even more gratifying to hear the second impeachment notice of Donald Trump. There are so many things needed to support public needs i.e., food for the homeless, jobless, schools, student loans concept changed, $2,000 support for needed families, and all the rest of the promises promised to the American people.

We are so proud of Kamala Harris our new Vice President;  She is not sitting around viewing what the President is doing, she is out mixing with the people, finding out what is needed in their communities, asking questions that might help to make life easier and less stressful.  She wants to make her position mean something more than being support for the President.

I am also observing all the independent TV film outlets documentaries and significant films not presented in public theaters featuring persons or artists of color, change is obviously slowly taking place. Female performers are suddenly given more attention as far as story film plots, intelligent young people are being portrayed in storylines which has been much needed.

It was extremely sad to hear about the death of Hank Aaron, baseball idol, and Larry King who always had his door open for any of my creative projects, he will be missed. When my symphonic work “Flight of the Columbia” won a Grammy, he eagerly supported the musical work on his show and his kindness will never be forgotten.