UNITED STATES—The White House is one of the most highly secured properties in the country, so someone please explain how an ex-military personnel was able to hop the gate and enter into the compound before being detained by authorities? That is a question that is being heavily debated at the moment, but the bigger concern is what would have transpired if the President and his family were at The White House at the time of the incident?

I guess we’ll never know because President Obama was not there, so we could only speculate. From stories I’ve heard by people who have actually visited The White House, getting close to that gate is a battle in itself, so to hear about someone hopping the gate, running across the lawn and making entry into the residence itself frightens me.

I mean where were the security guards on duty, why weren’t the guard dogs released? Was anyone even looking at the surveillance video to scope the region? This is shameless.  If the government isn’t implementing the right tactics to ensure the protection of what is to be the most important place in the world, what chance does the rest of the American public have? This is the issue at hand; how secure is the government in protecting its people to ensure that another incident like 9/11 never happens on American soil again?

I fear the notion that some intelligence was lurking in government that could have prevented the unspeakable acts of terrorism on September 11, but I just don’t know. We have so much technology out there, that seems to continue to fall into the wrong hands and it’s an absolutely terrifying thought. Computer geniuses have found a way to break firewalls, confiscate personal information and worst of all people are not even safe talking on their cell phones or taking personal pictures on their devices.  Technology is making the security of the American people more difficult, so why aren’t additional strategies being taken to prevent such issues?

I don’t want to hear excuses involving money. If I hear that one more time my blood is going to boil. Members of Congress just sit and debate about earmarks for the dumbest crap that has no direct impact on nearly 75 percent of the American public. Representatives of the American people are just looking out for their best interest and a select few; the money is there it’s more a question of how it’s being allocated. I mean I’m paying so much in taxes a year and rarely do I see any of my funding for the government going to a cause or purpose that actually impacts me as an individual.

My personal safety is something that I take very seriously. Rather I’m at home or at a government office, I expect all security precautions to be in place to ensure that in the case something like what transpired at The White House is handled quickly and with care. Not a major forum where people are pointing fingers at one another about someone dropping the ball or not properly performing their job as expected of them.

I’m hoping the security personnel at The White House are being properly disciplined. I would hate to hear on the news of some tragedy that has happened to our Commander of Chief or other officials because of a security breach that should have never happened in the first place. We can only imagine how the public would have reacted if we discovered that the President or a member of his family was injured because of a security breach; that would only lessen our faith in the American government which so many of us are expected to have on a daily basis.