HOLLYWOOD—Now, this is an interesting development on the CBS soap, “The Young and the Restless.” We’ll talk about the Diane, Jack, Phyllis mayhem a bit later because that storyline did not deliver the shock I expected. What has intrigued me is this potential stalker in Genoa City who has been eyeing Sharon. Yes, Sharon people. The character has almost felt like an afterthought ever since her husband Rey was killed off about a year ago.

Of course as a viewer, I immediately want to know the culprit, but this is a soap opera so what would the fun be in that. However, the first clue was that bottle of champagne that Sharon received. The note read “Memories are what life is made of.” Intriguing, threatening, mysterious? How about all of the above! She suspected it was from Adam, but he confessed it was not him. Nick spotted the red stain on the bottle and alerted his ex-wife that the stain looked like blood. Yes, blood. Rumor has it that the make who stalked Sharon in the past, Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) could be the culprit, but that has yet to be revealed. Kirsten stalked and terrorized Sharon for distinct period in her lifetime, and she cracked a bottle of champagne over his head and thought she killed him once. Hmm, that champagne bottle doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

I don’t know all the history on that character, but it seems he caused chaos in Sharon’s life years back and if he is up to his old tricks and this champagne bottle is any hint, Sharon and those in Sharon’s orbit should be terrified of this guy. Including Faith, Mariah, Tessa, her granddaughter, Nick, Adam, and anyone else close to her, which prompts me to suspect this might be what pushes Nick and Sharon closer or Sharon and Chance closer. I feel like this may be the angel in the writers pushing to reunite Sharon and Nick at some point. Yes, Nick is smitten with Sally as she is carrying Adam’s baby. However, I feel that relationship is going to falter once the baby girl is born.

The ominous threats are continuing people and the alarm bells are finally starting to ring for Sharon and the worry is heightening and for good reason people. Sharon Case is a fantastic actress and this character is getting a storyline that looks juicy and full of thrilling moments to come. It is about time “Y&R!”

The secret is out on Phyllis Summers. Jack and Kyle are determined to prove that Phyllis is alive to assure the charges against Diane are dropped. Daniel spilled the tea, which didn’t make Summer happy as she realized she was placed in a precarious situation with Kyle. Let his mother rot in prison for a crime she didn’t commit or protect her mother from going to prison by getting entangled with sociopath, Jeremy Stark. Chance called Summer out on that truth, which she denied, but the truth was written all over her face America, and she begged Chance to stay mum until she can confess to Kyle what unfolded. With that said, Christine is having trouble believing Michael’s defense tactic, but Chance is starting to realize all is not as it seems.

Phyllis is good at hiding her tracks, but when you keep appearing in public you’re bound to make mistakes Phyllis and your ‘secret’ meetings with Summer and Daniel, are not secret because someone is always watching. Just as Victoria Newman, she was caught red-handed by Victor who spotted Nate first and then Victoria shortly after. Vicky you’re not hiding your affair with a taken man that easily. Victor called his daughter out on her antics, just as Adam’s suspicions started to rise and you can bet he is going to use this to his advantage to stick it to his sister people.

Nate is feeling little to no remorse for cheating on Elena who has moved out of the penthouse people and scolds Victoria and Nate whenever a chance presents itself. In addition, Billy and Chelsea (never saw that coming) are smitten with one another, Lily and Daniel are still growing closer and that’s about all that matters at this point in Genoa City “Y&R” fanatics!