HOLLYWOOD—November sweeps are upon us on “General Hospital,” but viewers are still trying to put the puzzle pieces together to discover who is responsible for 4 attacks on residents in Port Charles, 2 of them being fatal and another attack this week. This is a mystery that is baffling yet annoying at the same time, so let’s explore what we DO KNOW: 1) The person is believed to be a woman 2) All the targets seem to be connected to Trina (Ava, Josslyn [the intended target], Diane and Oz) 3) It is not Esme Prince or is it? So where does that leave us?

That is a great question because I thought Esme was way too easy, then the theory turned to Holly Sutton, but that makes no sense when you consider who the targets have been, and now we have the return of Heather Webber, but WHY would Heather be targeting people connected to Trina, that just seems like a long shot that as a viewer, I could not buy. I mean if the writers are pushing a Heather is Esme’s mother storyline I will be a bit peeved by that because it seems like a copout to be honest with a payoff that will frustrate fans instead of exciting them. Here’s the problem, Nikolas was attacked by someone dressed in all black with a hook, and he realized the hook came from a location on Cassadine Island. I mean all signs seem to point to Esme, who has escaped the property. She was hiding on the docks, just as Elizabeth was planning to see Nikolas.

I knew the Liz backstory was going to be an epic fail. After months of chaos, you’re telling me that Liz of all people pushed Reiko, Finn’s ex down a flight of stairs that ultimately led to her death. That is the most bogus reveal I have seen in years. I mean Liz and Finn were getting close and the fact that the woman he has feelings for is revealed as the woman who killed his one true love. This is just bad storytelling from the writers all around people and disappointing. Finn learned the truth and was flabbergasted, but where these two go from here, I’ll be honest I don’t even care.

Holly as the viewers have known is doing Victor’s bidding because he’s holding someone she cares about hostage. We all know it has to be her son Ethan people because why else would Holly be lying to Robert and everyone else. Now, if the writers REALLY wanted to stun the viewers the hostage would be Luke Spencer, but I just don’t see that transpiring. However, Robert is sensing something is off with Holly and of course Laura knows something is wrong as well.

Speaking of Laura she is back in the mix in Port Charles, after she and Kevin helped Valentin rescue Charlotte from Victor’s clutches. Victor was not pleased to learn that Charlotte was missing, nor was he happy to discover that Laura, the woman who has been a thorn in his side is back in PC and working with Anna and Valentin to bring Victor down. This could be interesting as we know everything is connected to that Ice Princess necklace that Britt has in her possession courtesy of Peter August. Valentin helped Anna with a prison bust thanks to an assist from Sonny and Dex. However, Dex has been injured and Heather Webber of all people is on the loose again people? What are the writers cooking up with this woman this time around people because she has the most nefarious schemes.

Cody is indeed holding a big secret, one that Sam and Spinelli are investigating. I wonder if Cody could be Faison’s son and not Mac’s people? That was the dilemma, but the audience got confirmation that Cody is INDEED Mac’s son and lied about those test results. The big question is why? He has this draw to Britt, and its not just about romance people. He might just be working for Victor, but he should watch out because Sam has a hunch and when that woman has a hunch she never lets it go.

Willow FINALLY spilled to Michael that she has leukemia which rocked his world, after Nina spilled her theory that Willow was having an affair with TJ of all people to Sonny. Sonny didn’t believe it nor did Michael people, but this looks like the stage is to be set for the big reveal that Willow and Nina are mother and daughter and the Carly exposed party is about to finally come to light. At least this secret being out in the open allows this LONG, DRAGGED OUT REVEAL OF NINA’S CHILD FINALLY BEING UNVEILED AT SOME POINT! We can only hope it happens in 2023, because I don’t see the “GH” writers allowing this reveal to happen in 2022.