LAUREL CANYON─I was standing in line the other day to check out at the Target store on Victory Boulevard in North Hollywood. The customer in front of me in line had a shopping cart loaded with purchases. She was scanning the bar codes with her phone. Just to make idle chitchat I asked, “Are you price checking?”

She replied that she was checking in store pricing with online pricing. I was confused. I thought to myself, “Sure the cashiers can sometimes get it wrong, we all know roughly the price of each purchase.”

There are tons of ways to save at Target with your phone.

Giselle from North Hollywood was very gracious. She explained that the online prices were often less than the in store pricing AND that if you show the cashier the online pricing from your phone, you get the online pricing. She saved $10.00 and $15.00 on some of her purchases.

I was floored. In fact Giselle showed me her receipt and she’s knocked off almost $80.00 from her bill with this simple trick.

The SECRET – you’ll need to download the Target App on your phone (Available for both iPhone and Android). If I can do it anyone can! Remember you’re using the store’s Wi-Fi if you do it while you’re in line to check out.

I’ll never go through that checkout line without using this trick. Giselle said it’s not just for the holiday season, it’s for everyday shopping. If you have other shopping trips or tricks, POST them here.