MALIBU–On Monday, July 13, the City of Malibu decided to postpone the hearing concerning the Whole Foods and Park Project Shopping Center.

At a little before 9 p.m., city council members made the decision to reschedule the hearing for 4:30 p.m. on Monday, July 20. The reason for the change is because the council felt they would not be able to put as much thought into the decision due to the lateness. They had had a previous meeting that went longer than they planned, so when it was time for the Whole Foods Project to be introduced it was late at night. The council also wanted to give each side enough time to gather their thoughts and come up with arguments befitting of each side.

It has been decided that the order that was chosen for each side to present their case will still remain the same. The meeting will be “gavel to gavel,” which means that there will be no recess and no postponement. The meeting will last until a decision has been made, no matter how long it takes. Council members are not allowed to discuss the case with anyone, including other council members.

The vote by the city council will not be the final decision for this case. The final decision will be left in the hands of the public in the form of a referendum.

The Whole Foods and Park Project Shopping Center will consist of a 38,425 square foot community shopping center, a 24,548 square foot Whole Foods Market, four buildings that added together will equal 13,876 square feet, 4,000 square feet of restaurant, and 4,000 square feet of outside seating and dining.