UNITED STATES—Why do so many of us worry so much? I swear I wish I had an on and off switch when it came to my brain. Why? There just feels like times where the brain just goes and goes and goes and never reset no matter how hard I attempt to have a moment of relief. The key word is ‘worry.’ It is part of life and it just seems to be days, weeks or months where are levels of worrying is at an all-time high people and it never stops, no matter how hard we attempt to halt it.

I think at the top of the list when it comes to worries for most Americans, especially in today’s climate is money. Money is just something that tends to be a worry for most Americans. Do I have enough to pay all my bills, how can I earn more money, why don’t I make enough money, why am I spending so much money, what I would do if I had more money. The list goes on and on people.

Money is problematic because there are those who have tons of it and then there are those of us who have very little of it. Yeah, could the wealth be spread a bit more in the money verse, without a doubt, but if that were to happen it all comes down to power. Money is power and people with money use it all the time as a bargaining chip to get the things they want in life.

With money we just have to let things be. If you’re working hard and doing the right things in life at some point you will be rewarded for it. In life I’ve come to the realization that you cannot always have what you want, but things do happen in due time. However, at the same time, you need to utilize the skills that you have to earn more money. You might have your day job, but you have to ask yourself what else am I good at and how can I use this to monetize things myself. That can take an edge off your worrying people.

At the same time, we all worry about family. Family can be your greatest friends or your worst enemies. Why? They bring stress to your lives and a lot of the times that stress is never a good thing people. So how can you improve things, don’t try to control every single parcel of stress when it comes to family. Take on what you can take on and let the rest fall to the waist-side people. If you don’t that stress will add up to a point where it eventually rips your life to pieces, do you want that to occur. Of course not, so sometimes placing those negative thoughts and worries into a higher power like God, may be key to having a bit of solace America.

The biggest thing about worrying is the fact that it is vital to have great coping skills. Worry is the smaller word for anxiety that fear of something that will happen in the future. Trust me I know all about it because it has led to so many sleepless nights for me in the past and in my present life, but I’m learning better ways to cope. You might argue how so? Do things that bring you joy? Like what you might ask. Music, exercise, watching TV, reading a book, listening to a podcast, cooking, cleaning the house, organizing mail, watching a movie, writing, it could be a host of things, you have to find that one thing that brings you absolute joy or allows your brain to focus so strongly on the task at hand whatever you have been thinking or worrying about you completely forget about it.

Focus your brain on something that forces the worry that you have to disappear. As a result you have discovered a strong coping skill to combating your worrying people. That is the thing about worrying; you have to counter the worrying with suitable coping skills that allows your brain to focus your energy on other outlets and things of other importance.

Written By Jason Jones