UNITED STATES—CBD oil is a hot commodity at the moment. Despite the sometimes-nebulous nature of the laws surrounding it, the trade is still rip-roaring. People in the Bay Area, in particular, are looking at including it in their health, beauty, and dietary regimens.

What is CBD Oil?

For those few people who still don’t know, CBD, or Cannabidiol oil is derived from either hemp or marijuana. It’s a compound that is showing promise in the treatment of anxiety and pain.

Will I Get High on It?

Not with CBD oil. The compound in marijuana that makes you high is THC, and for CBD oil to be legally marketed as such, it must contain only trace elements. There won’t be enough of the compound to make you feel high.

Why’s Everyone Nuts About It?

Medical marijuana has been used for some years to assist with serious medical conditions such as cancer. The compounds in it have proven useful in the management of pain and inflammation.

But recently hemp was legalized on a federal level, leading hemp-based CBD’s legalization in all 50 states. With legalization, there is a renewed interest in the oil and its potential benefits.

It’s also become more popular because CBD won’t give you the same high that marijuana does. It’s considered safe to ingest, even in higher doses. Also of note is that there are very few to no side effects to taking these products.

What are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

If you speak to someone who is trying to sell you the oil, you might wonder if all the hype is real. We’ve seen claims that it can cure cancer, diabetes, anxiety, help you sleep better, and so on. It does seem a little too good to be true.

That’s why we decided to confirm the science behind these benefits. At the moment, the number of studies in this area is limited. This makes sense because marijuana is still a controlled substance.

That said, much of the research has been based on pain management, epilepsy, and mental disorders. The premise being that CBD is effective at managing a range of symptoms without all the nasty side effects that your synthetic pharmaceuticals have.

Research into this compound has shown that it has minimal side effects. It has been proven to be effective in helping to manage epilepsy and anxiety. There have been a few small studies that indicate that it could also have a regulatory effect on blood sugar.

While scientific research is patchy at times, there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence in support of the health benefits of CBD. Here are some of the benefits that are ascribed to the oil.

Pain Management

Marijuana is not some new age medicine. It’s usage for pain management dates back to ancient times. CBD may help to reduce pain because of its potent anti-inflammatory effect. It’s been found to be effective in the treatment of pain attributed to arthritis and M.S.

There’s a catch, though. For pain management, a combination of CBD and THC compounds has been found the most useful. Additionally, for pain management, consider a CBD provider that has products with higher concentrations of CBD. Our recommendation? Royal CBD. They have a 1000mg CBD oil that’s perfect for chronic and acute pain alike – with a whopping 33mg of CBD per serving.

Treating Anxiety and Depression

This area is where CBD really shines. It’s been proven to reduce anxiety significantly. It’s also been proven safe for children who have post-traumatic stress disorder. The compound helps anxious people fall asleep more quickly and helps them get more restful sleep. For faster anxiety relief, consider a CBD e-liquid. Vaping CBD allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly, making it perfect right before a big speech or presentation. Royal CBD’s vape oil line is a great place to start, and with a 90-dat money back on all of their products, you can’t go wrong.

In terms of side effects, this compound is a lot safer than your typical benzodiazepines and tranquilizers.

Managing Cancer Symptoms

The claim that this compound can cure cancer does seem overblown, but it can help you handle the symptoms better. It can assist in managing nausea related to chemotherapy. Used in conjunction with THC, it is a highly effective method of controlling pain. As a bonus, it doesn’t have the same adverse side effects that opiates have.

A Miracle Oil?

Is CBD oil the miracle remedy that so many are making it out to be? We’ll reserve judgment for now. That it’s effective at managing anxiety is evident. It could also help you get a better night’s sleep and control inflammation.

As with all natural products, though, there are limits to what it can achieve. You’re not going to take one pill and cure of all that ails you. That said, there are definitely potential health benefits that make it worth considering.