UNITED STATES—Ever heard about ‘try before you buy’?

It’s a marketing tool used in many industries to entice consumers to sample their goods, services and products for free to encourage them to buy them in the future. A notable exception is the land casino industry, where the common ethos is ‘no pay no play.’

Online casinos are different, however. Although they offer the same games with the same odds and payouts as their Las Vegas counterparts, they make use of ‘try before you buy’ in the form of no deposit bonuses that are designed for first time players.

From a casino standpoint no deposit bonuses are very effective in enticing players to sign up and ultimately make one or more deposits. From a player standpoint they’re an equally effective way to ‘try’ online casinos and their games without spending a cent.

No Deposit Bonuses Can Yield Cashable Winnings

More than that they can actually put you on the road to real money cashable winnings. Read on and discover why no deposit bonuses are the key to your gambling success.

To start, most people love to get something for nothing and online gambling fans are no different. That’s why most online casinos have demo or practice play versions of their real money games. They’re identical to the real thing except they pay no winnings.

But that’s exactly the problem with demo games – they’re free, fun and a great way to learn how to play a variety of remote casino games but they don’t yield actual money. That’s how the idea for no deposit bonuses most likely came about.

Some smart online casino executive or marketer must have realized at some point that the best way to entice a prospective player to register a new (and free) casino account is by dangling a fixed number of 100% free credits or free spins in front of them to play games for real money and even cash out real money winnings from.

No Deposit Bonuses are Globally Popular

Enter no deposit bonus offers, which today are widely sought out by online casino fans all over the world due to their enormous popularity, as you can see in this filtered list.

Before no deposit bonuses came along many prospective online casino players were wary to sign up for a real money online casino account and make an initial deposit, even if accompanied by the most generous matching i.e. welcome bonuses.

Post no deposit bonuses, however, many of the same players started to willingly open online casino accounts to redeem their free credits / spins (depending on the casino), placated by the fact they don’t need to reach for their wallet to do so.

These Bonuses are Integral to Online Casinos

Today no deposit bonuses are as integral to online casinos as the games they promote. Many are even responsible for the ongoing success of countless online gamblers since it was by claiming them that they got their first taste of real money play and winnings.

That’s the distinction between free-to-play demo games and real money games you can play with free spins or free credits – the latter can put real money in your pocket (if you win anything and you meet the bonus wagering requirement, but more on that later).

Many players willing to ‘dip their toe’ in the real money no deposit bonus water have come up trumps. In other words they’ve managed to log off from the virtual casino they signed up with moments before for free, with real money winnings to their name.

That early financial success has been the incentive many players have used to make an initial deposit and embark on their real money journeys. That said many other players use no deposit bonuses to ’test’ a casino and its respective offerings ‘on the house.’

If they like what they see they proceed to make a deposit and continue playing at the casino. If they don’t, however, they are free to logout never return to the casino because no deposit bonus offers come with no obligation to stay and are 100% risk-free.

The many benefits of the two types of no deposit offers are highlighted below.

No Deposit Free Spins

These online casino bonuses are targeted at slot fans and entail a fixed number of free spins (5 up to 150) that can be used to play one or more pre-listed virtual slot machines.

As such, one of the biggest benefits of these games is they’re usually among the online casino’s best, most popular or latest offerings, and are thus most highly sought after.

Either way, they offer players a great opportunity to not only sample them completely for free, but (if lady luck prevails) to win and even cash out some winnings from them.

They also let players experience first-hand how the slot game plays, and in many cases how it feels to unlock the bonus features that can ramp up their winnings even more.

If by the end of their free spins a player has racked up winnings they can continue to play using their winnings to fund their spins. They can make a withdrawal as long as they bet their winnings enough times to meet the bonus wagering requirement.

Every bonus wagering requirement is listed in its respective bonus terms and conditions (T&Cs). It’s the fixed number of times (like 10x, 15x, 30x etc.) players must wager or play through their winnings before a casino will let them make a withdrawal request.

No Deposit Free Credits

These are almost identical to no deposit free spins bonuses except they award a fixed sum of bonus credits instead of free spins, and as such are much more flexible.

This is because players can use free credits to play a wider variety of games, over and above slots. These include certain table games, scratch cards, bingo and keno games.

The only slot games that may not be played with bonus credits are progressive jackpot slots. This is because of the very nature of progressives, where a small percentage of each and every credit wagered on them contributes to the constantly growing jackpot.

The number of no deposit free credits awarded varies from casino to casino but can range from $10 up to as much as $100. If while playing your bonus credits you manage to meet the bonus wagering requirement, you can go ahead and make a cashout.

No deposit free credits (like no deposit free spins) always have a maximum withdrawal limit which is clearly listed in their T&Cs. This is the maximum amount of winnings a virtual casino will permit you to cash out regardless of how much you may have won.

Are They Worth the Effort

The chance to play the latest cutting edge virtual casino games for real money 100% free is an opportunity few online casino fans turn down which is why they’re so popular around the globe.

Claiming them is quick, easy and free, and they can yield actual winnings. Their biggest benefit of all is how they have the power to kick off a successful gambling career – with a little luck, of course.