UNITED STATES—Stress can have serious implications on a person’s health. The reason for stress related illnesses during these difficult times is the lockdown. The way a person’s lifestyle has taken a hit is the main reason for people contacting doctors with stress related ailments. It is not easy to change one’s lifestyle overnight, however, there is no other option, you need to change. You cannot just go out now; you need to wear a mask at all times. You cannot shake hands; you need to keep sanitising your hands. After a point, it gets on ones nerve. But it is for the good, if you want to be alive and if you do not want to contract the coronavirus precautions need to be taken. And there are ways to conquer stress and you can do so from the cool confines of your house. A few ways to do so are:


Exercising is known to be a great stress buster. You need not go to the gym to exercise, you can do so in your room. You can spot jog or run, do a few jumping jacks, skip for a while and do some push ups and squats every day. You can also try Yoga or other alternative forms of exercise which are really great for the body and mind. If you feel you need help, you can check out Youtube videos of exercises that you can perform at home without equipment using just your body weight. You will be amazed at the number of exercises and the effect that it can have on your body. You need to just follow the person in the videos and you will be doing just fine. You can also try aerobic exercise videos or zumba videos, those work well too. A healthy mind and body will not only be stress free, it will also be ready to fight the viruses out there.

Online games:

Playing can help a person’s mind stay at ease. You can download and play the many games that are on offer or you can play games at online casinos for real money. There are many online casinos which even accept payments in crypto currency. You can check reviews of bitcoin casinos on websites like clovr. Winning gives a great high and even if you lose sometimes you will not feel too much stressed.


People have been reading books to avoid stress for centuries. Reading is calming and relaxing. It also makes the mind think wonderful thoughts. When you read a good book, you are transported to places that have been imagined by the author and when your mind is transported to such places, it starts to relax, the need for travel and meeting people or to socialize reduces and this in turn helps in reducing stress to a great degree.


Meditation is known to be relaxing and is really helpful when you feel stressed. Just put on some good soothing music, close your eyes and let your mind take over. Concentrate on your breathing, doing this for a few minutes every day will help you deal with stress in a big way.

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