UNITED STATES—Using a Virtual Private Network ensures you can hide your online and browse anonymously. VPN servers will disguise your whereabouts and will not log your information or pass it to third parties. VPN also allows you to access regional content which may not be available in your area. With mass data collection and surveillance becoming a major issue in the online community, many users are turning to VPN service providers. This has resulted in an influx of service providers, some free, while others are paid for. You should not sacrifice quality over a few bucks when choosing which VPN service to choose from and get the most out of it. The VPN you choose should be fast, safe and secure so you can work, read, socialize, or play your favorite casino games at websites such as comeon.com anonymously. Here are some of the reasons you should stay away from free VPN services.

Are there actually free VPNs

Maintaining a VPN network is expensive when you consider the expertise and hardware required. This means that either the service provider is very generous and willing to cater to all the expenses, or you will be paying using the data they collect and auction to third parties such as advertisers. This entails that you will actually be giving away your data by using free VPN service providers, which you were aiming to avoid in the first place.

What VPN services should I Use if I don’t have money

Free VPN services come bundled with various security issues such as slow internet connections, ad tracking, and malware, which makes them not worth trying. If you are short on budget, the best bet is to use free trials from trustworthy VPN providers. This means you can get VPN services from a premium service provider for a period of time for free. You may also want to take a look at some service providers that provide a money-back guarantee when your trial period ends. The advantage of these types of free trials is that you get to enjoy a fast, safe and secure VPN without spending a dime. However, you will ultimately have to choose a service in the long term after you have exhausted your options. Furthermore, while it may seem cumbersome, it can be considered test driving different options until you find the best fit.

Free trials and money-back guarantee VPN options

You may want to look at NordVPN, which offers a 30-day free trial. ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you may also get 3 months of free VPN when you subscribe to the one-year plan. You may also want to look at ProtonVPN, which offers a limited version of its premium VPN service. While it is not as fast as the premium version and is only limited to one device and surfers, it is still safe, secure and offers unlimited data. Surfshark is also a bargain with its 30-day guarantee, and if you like it, you can opt for their 2-year plan at just $2.49 per month.