UNITED STATES—We all tell lies from time to time, but when does telling a lie go to the next level? Some of you might be asking just where in the world is he going with this column and I will tell you. Being someone who obtained a psychology degree particularly focusing on personality dynamics in individuals, I am able to spot a lie from a mile away.

Let’s face it, we all tell lies and if someone looks you directly in the eye and tells you they’ve NEVER told a lie they are full of you know what. Even if it’s a small lie, it’s still a lie. If it’s the truth it’s a lie. This conversation all stems from my youngest brother who seems to think he is the best when it comes to telling a lie. I guess I would not be so bothered by the lie, if it wasn’t so over-the-top, so unbelievable that you look at the guilty party and in your mind you say “Really?” At the same time, your mouth is telling you to literally say it.

We go back and forth all the time, mainly because my brother has this misconception that a lie is much better than telling the truth, which I can’t seem to fathom. He has been caught in so many lies, and I mean many lies, if he were to ever tell the truth, I seriously doubt that anyone would believe a single word that is echoed from his mouth.

It all stemmed from a text I received last week from him begging for money to go to a job interview; its second nature for him to beg for money all the time, so much to the point, that you already know what he is asking for whenever he calls. I mean he only calls when he wants something, so it’s apparent to assume he wants money whenever he gets into contact with you.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had the argument about him needing to find a job or get a job, and then when he perhaps has a real job opportunity you question the validity of what is being told to you. Anyway, he stops by my house to ‘borrow’ my clippers to cut his hair for his interview. Now, grant you, I expected to have my clippers back the next day, I didn’t get them until a week later. He stops by and the first thing that popped into my head was the fact that his appearance looks similar to what it was a week ago, scruffy hair, not clean-shaven, not someone I would hire if I had a job interview.

So now it pops back into my cranium that this little rascal fibbed; so I called him out on it. You told me you had a scheduled job interview, and you needed to cut your hair, but you have no haircut, so it’s safe to assume not only did you not have a job interview, but you sold yet again one of your fantastical tales or lies that you expect the entire world to believe.

Considering the fact that I had just worked the entire week, I was in NO MOOD for an argument, I was in no mood to deal with any BS to be honest, so it prompted me to simply say give me my clippers and be on your way. Yet, a day later he comes up with another fantastical lie hoping to get a few dollars out of my sister.

The lie was so complicated even I head to think about it for a few seconds because it made no sense whatsoever. You ask her for money because our cousin just sent you money, but it hasn’t reached your account yet. Hmm, what is the point of her giving you money when in less than 24 hours you’ll have money in your bank account? Yeah, we both scratched our heads behind that little lie, cause it frustrated us a lot more than we expected.

My point in all this bantering is that a lie is a lie no matter how many ways you attempt to spin it. The more lies you tell, the more outrageous, wild, unbelievable and downright disturbing they become to the people who you continually lie to. When you tell lies over and over again, it gets to a point where the people who you screw time and time again distant themselves from you further and further.

A lie is a lie people, but the more power you invest in telling the lie, the more obvious it becomes to the person you deceive how trustworthy you truly are as a person.