HOLLYWOOD─This seems like the secret that the writers of “General Hospital” have been dragging out for years, but I think, fingers crossed we are finally close to the truth exploding. How so? After badgering from Lucas, Brad finally confessed that Wiley is Michael and Nelle’s son. Yeah, cue the theatrics, because Lucas and Brad got into a car crash with Kendra.

Yeah, there is something about Kiefer and his family who have it out for Alexis, who murdered the guy who nearly beat her daughter to death. I don’t think anyone in the cinematic arena felt sad for Kiefer meeting his maker. Kendra wanted Alexis to pay and was about to run her down, when Lucas lost control of the vehicle that would stopped because the brakes were tampered with. Who tampered with those brakes? It was none other than Julian! Yes, Julian was hoping to eliminate Brad from his son’s life, but he nearly killed Lucas in the process.

Lucas is currently in a coma, Bobbie and Julian are an emotional mess, Carly is spiraling, just as Detective Harrison Chase is attempting to prove there is no better detective than himself in Port Charles. Yeah, Chase is becoming that character that attempts to be too noble. It looks like there is some trouble in Chase and Willow’s relationship because she had a pregnancy scare and kept it from her lover. Yeah, I get the sense that Willow doesn’t want kids; if only she knew Wiley was not her son, would it change things. The secret is coming out; I just wonder how she will respond to it.

This might be the right time to point the finger in the direction of the audience learning who Willow’s real mother is. All signs seem to point to Nina, and it’s time for that long-awaited truth to finally come to light. Brad and Lucas dilemma only allows Michael to bond more with the son that he has no idea is actually his. Let’s get to some more exciting news: Dr. Griffin Munro is back in Port Charles. Yes, that’s’ right, Griffin is back courtesy of Carly to help Lucas who is in the fight for his life.

Griffin’s return might elevate a storylines in the process. Including exposing Peter for the lying, backstabbing fiend that he is. Peter has ordered a hit on Franco and Andre to prevent that memory mapping procedure from exposing his role in Drew and Jason’s predicaments. Anna is so caught up with Finn and Violet that she has no idea her ‘son’ is still up to his old habits. However, after Peter’s latest stunt at the hospital, he raised the blinders big time for his ‘mother,’ and Peter is not the best liar people.

Griffin’s return might also help Ava who is spiraling in the worst possible way thanks to Nikolas. Nikolas has always been a treacherous character, but this guy telling Ava that her daughter is in hell with him as he seeks that elusive painting is a bit much. Griffin’s return might be just what Ava needs to catch a grip on reality. Nikolas was sloppy though in that visit with Ava. He dropped the Cassadine ring, which Nina retrieved.

It looks like Nina will play a vital role in the exposure of Nikolas and Valentin’s deception because Ava has snapped out of it courtesy of Nina of all people! These two ladies have forged a relationship to take down Valentin and Nikolas and ensure the true heir to the Cassadine fortune is Spencer. No wonder Helena’s painting couldn’t be found, it was in plain sight the entire time.

Desperate to find that photo Valentin broke into Ava’s gallery with Martin, his lawyer, but little did he know Nikolas was right on his tail. Nik was close to being exposed, but managed to put a beating on Valentin and escape. He’s playing with fire and Jax is NOT happy that his colleague threatened Hayden to the point that she fled town and left her daughter behind.

Nik’s mistakes are going to be costly because Finn and Anna know that Jax is keeping a secret involving Hayden. There is more chaos to discuss though because Mike is hitting a downward spiral that is testing Carly and Sonny’s relationship. Did the mapping procedure work or did it not work? We all want that answer, which looks like will determine Peter’s fall from reality, and I’m looking forward to it.