HOLLYWOOD─I have been waiting for this moment for what seems like years, and it has finally arrived on “General Hospital,” but dare I say I feel bad for Valentin Cassadine. I mean the guy has been behind the scenes scheming for years, and all his past transgressions have finally caught up to him. First and foremost, he lost the love of his life Nina Reeves to Jasper Jacks.

When Valentin learned about that kiss Jax and Nina shared he was livid, so much to the point he was thinking about shooting Jax. However, that is nothing compared to how he will react when he discovers that Nina and Jax have taken their relationship to the next level and there is no turning back America. Valentin has always been threatened by Jax, but this will leave his blood boiling when he learns Nina has moved on from him with another man.

With that said, Valentin is still reeling with the separation from Charlotte, but his world collided when he got the results of that blood test and discovered that he is not a Cassadine. Yes, that sent Valentin over the edge, who started to drink, was on the verge of jumping off a building, but Alexis stopped him, before receiving a visit from the one and only Helena Cassadine. Valentin might be down, but he is not out America. Why? He has been using Nelle Benson as leverage for months. Why? He is making a power grab for ELQ and in order to do that he needs Nelle’s shares of the business that she received from Shiloh courtesy of Oscar.

Valentin placed a big offer on the table, one that Nelle could not resist. Nelle has not been happy lately. She thought she had leverage, but when she discovered that Brad shared with Lucas the truth about Wiley panic started to set in. It got more chaotic when she learned that Brad and Lucas were planning to move to Portland with Wiley stopping her little plan to kidnap her son and disappear.

That brings us to what we have ALL been waiting for America, after what seems like 2 years or longer, the truth about Wiley actually being Jonah came to light. OMG, the writers of “GH” finally caught a clue and stopped dragging this storyline. Utter chaos erupted and Brad was placed in the hot seat, as well as Julian for keeping mum, which means the ire of Sonny and Carly is about to erupt in ways that one can only imagine.

Willow’s world exploded learning a son that she thought was alive was already dead, and Nelle just sat back as the fireworks erupted, however, she got a tongue lashing and felt the wrath of her nemesis Carly Corinthos. Carly has always hated Nelle, but this takes things to a new level, and I think Carly and Sonny might be ready to make Nelle disappear once and for all people. To be honest I’d be all for it.

However, if there is one tale that has me eager for the truth to be exposed it involves Peter August and his shenanigans. He has really worked tirelessly to cover his tracks involving Shiloh, framing Sam, his attempted murder on Andre Maddox, the call he made to take out Drew Cain, shall I continue America? Anna found proof that Peter might be guilty, but hid the documents. Finn was appalled by the revelation which led to a major argument. Finn shared Intel with Jason and Sam, Robert was clued in, but Peter overheard and took steps to take action.

As a result Sam learned she could be headed back to the slammer, and got some sound advice from Epiphany about doing what’s right for her kids and not Jason (thank God). I see why some people are mixed about he character Sam McCall: she whines too damn much. Finn unable to get Anna to see the errors of her ways decided to move out with Violet in tow. Anna was heartbroken, but when you have the people you love telling you Peter is up to no good and you refuse to see the truth, what can I say.

Robert was adamant to bust Peter, and when that day comes, because it will, Anna’s world will indeed come crashing down in epic fashion, and she even went to Peter requesting her tell her everything. Hmm, looks like the grip on Peter’s lies are tightening up, I wonder how he’d react if he learns that Anna might not be his mother, and its actually Alex? That really might force Peter’s dark demons to come to light in epic fashion. It feels like “GH” is starting to learn dragging a storyline for more than a year is not a good idea when it comes to retaining fans, let’s hope this momentum continues moving forward.