UNITED STATES─If you were to ask me a month ago where things stood in America regarding the coronavirus crisis, I would say we were on the right side of things. Ask me that question today, and I feel like we are traveling down a path that is NOT good and I’m worried where things are headed people. Now, I’ve always been skeptical about the number of cases coming out for COVID-19 each day. I mean when you’re a state that goes from like 20 cases to like 2,000 cases in a single day that always makes me skeptical.

How so? You have to ask yourself the obvious question: well you’re going to have more cases if you have more people being tested. That is something that you have to acknowledge, even if you don’t want to. People are getting tested more for COVID-19 because guess what: your politicians, the governments, and doctors are telling people too!  However, when you have people forced to stay indoors for close to 90 days, what does the public health officials expect people to do when you say things are open so get on out? You’re going to have a spike in cases, you’re going to have people think all is well and they no longer have to worry.

I’m not going to even discuss the issue about the mask anymore. I don’t know what to say. There are people who will wear the mask, people who refuse to wear the mask and those who are just doing it to be spiteful. Like I said if you have a health issue and cannot wear a mask I get it, I understand it. However, for those who CAN and have access to a mask and choose still not to wear one, I don’t want to hear a damn thing if you catch COVID-19. If you happen to be on your death bed you asked for it by not considering the notion of protecting not just yourself, but others.

People are getting out, but people are still being cautious. I already told everyone in my family that I am likely to continue to wear a mask over my face until a treatment has been developed for this deadly virus. This is simply because I don’t want the risk of catching anything and when you’ve had several family members contract COVID-19 and one actually die that does place more perspective in play for people. Lives are at risk people, do you really want to potentially be responsible for someone losing their life because you passed a virus to them by not realizing by dismissing guidelines in play you made others vulnerable? I cannot live with myself if that happened.

The social distancing aspect is sort of the norm, but it’s not. People are still standing too close to one another, people are still closer than what they should be to complete strangers. Retailers are keeping track of the number of people who enter their establishments at a given time. I mean I am seeing people not follow that 6 feet rule. I am seeing some people crowd restaurants and bars, and then think all is good because things are back open. Prepare to wait in line people no matter where you go today. It can be the bank, the mall, the grocery store, the post office, the hair salon, the barber shop and a ton of other places. I mean I finally and I mean finally found a bank that allowed me to actually enter inside to get my hands on some checks.

I had been trying to get checks for like 2 months to no success because banks have been closed. They say go thru the drive-thru, it’s not the same as talking to someone in person people and damn it’s my money being housed at your establishment. How about you give me a bit of leeway to have options? Heck, most banks have pixie glass so they are already protected from the customer. Some limitations in place are just downright ridiculous and frustrating to the average American.

It is just the norm now, if you did NOT have patience before you better get some real soon because we’re all going to need it rather we think we do or not. Times have changed America, maybe for the better, even if we think that’s not the case.