WOODLAND HILLS—Wilson Jackson, 37, is facing 33 felony charges of fraud and theft from a total of 60 women he dated. Seven witnesses have come forward, accusing Wilson of stealing credit card numbers and checks from their purses including the manager at a dentist office and a Lyft driver.

Several women testified in a Van Nuys courtroom that Jackson invited them to his home and took their the checks and credit card numbers when they were not paying attention.

He was arrested in May 2019 by the LAPD in Van Nuys Division for multiple felony charges, all resulting from a dating theft investigation involving dozens of female victims. Jackson has been the subject of numerous identity theft, forgery, and grand theft reports received by the LAPD and other law enforcement agencies, in and out of state, for the past several years.

On Friday, January 10, 2020, On Friday, January 10, 2020, Wilson pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing, his defense team indicated the women may be scorned. The suspect refused a plea deal that would have limited his sentence to seven years in state prison.

Investigators said “we want women to be aware of persuasive operators who are skilled at targeting women who have professional jobs and a high income.”

A decision will be made on Monday, January 13, regarding rather Jackson’s case should be held over for trial.

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