WOODLAND HILLS—Wings of Rescue is an organization whose aim is to save animals like dogs and cats.

Many of these animals have been stuck in Los Angeles County animal shelters for months, and many of them, because of the amount of time that they have been in state facilities, are scheduled to be put down in the coming days. Donations from animal lovers have helped Wings of Rescue to continue its work to keep animals alive.

According to the Mission Statement on the organization’s website, “Wings of Rescue is a donation-based charity, flying large numbers of at risk healthy pets long distances from high intake shelters to safety at no-kill shelters throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 2009, Wings of Rescue have a squadron of volunteer pilots flying the rescue missions on their own planes, as well as a fleet of chartered cargo planes. Since inception, over 16,000 pets have gotten their honorary ‘wings’ and a new and loving home.”

According to ABC7, Brad Kriser of Natural Pet Food raised $22,000 to transport over 350 dogs and cats to Seattle and New Jersey to be adopted.

“Do I think it’s our responsibility to be able to give back to our community, give back to our pets that really do need this and give so much in return? They really do. So, we’re actually the winners in this situation when we help out,” Kriser told ABC7.

The work of organizations like Wings of Rescue also benefits the overcrowded shelters in Los Angeles, which see capacity grow exponentially during the summer months.

Yehuda Netanel said of the group, “We take a Noah’s Ark of the pets – cats, kittens, big dogs, pit bulls. It’s amazing that every one of them finds homes quickly.”

Wing’s of Rescue operates solely on donations. The organization is located in Woodland Hills. For more information, you can call (925) 998-9309 or email info@wingsofrescue.org. Anyone that would like to donate to the cause can visit the website at wingsofrescue.org/donate.