SALT LAKE CITY, UT— Earlier this week a woman was identified after she urinated on an overturned police car in Salt Lake City. The police car was also set on fire by an unidentified man at a protest in Salt Lake City on May 30.

35-year old Tamara Lynn Dixon was identified by Salt Lake City as the individual who urinated on an overturned police car. The initial incident took place on Saturday, May 30 at a protest. The protest was in honor of George Floyd, who was the Minneapolis man that died last month after a police officer from the Minneapolis police department kneeled on the back of his neck during a detainment over an alleged fake twenty dollar bill.

According to reports, Dixon stood on top of the overturned police car where she then dropped her bikini bottoms and began urinating on the police car. On June 6, Dixon was arrested and charged with suspicion of third-degree felony rioting and a misdemeanor count of lewdness, in addition to drug and paraphernalia possession.

Police found spice and marijuana on Dixon when they arrested her on Saturday. Via social media, a plethora of videos surfaced capturing the moment that Dixon urinated on the flipped police car. The two people who reportedly flipped the police car are in custody as of June 10 as well. Their names have not been released to the public.

According to the Salt Lake City police, they do not identify people who have been accused of crimes, they only release names once the people are charged. Reports show that 46 people were arrested and 21 officers were injured following the May 30 protest.

There are no further details involving this case at this time.