WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, October 5, a white woman was arrested for allegedly using racial slurs and biting the finger of a security guard at West Hollywood Pavilions.

Natosha Lawson, the black security guard who is the victim in this confrontation, suffered a bleeding wound on her finger while doing her job.

According to witnesses in the area and the video footage secured, the attacker identified as 37-year-old Kashmire Duran is seen yelling racial slurs and throwing pet food at Lawson.

Lawson who works as a security guard at the mall said when she tried to mitigate the altercation between two people [father and daughter] outside the store, Duran turned her anger towards Lawson and threw a bottle while shouting expletives and racial slurs at her.

That is when Lawson said she asked Duran’s father to take her home before she attacks someone else. Duran is said to have exited the car to continue abusing Lawson.

“Then she catches my finger in her mouth and proceeds to chomp down on my finger,” Lawson said in the video.

After creating a scene, Duran tried to drive away with her father only to be prevented by the customers of the mall until the cops arrived.

Deep bite marks were clearly visible on Lawson’s finger which continued to bleed.

Carlos Sapene, an onlooker, says he filmed the altercation after hearing loud voices. “You could see the face of the security guard, that dehumanizing feeling,” Sapene said. “She grabbed dog food and started throwing it at the security guard. How do you as a human do that to another human being is beyond me.”

Duran was later arrested and could be faced with criminal charges, according to KTLA News.