SANTA MONICA—A Santa Monica woman is in critical condition after being attacked by her boyfriend in their apartment located on the 1100 block of 6th Street on Friday, February 8.

According to reports, Anna Koosmann, 38, was attacked by her boyfriend, Kevin Ferron, 43. At 1:13 p.m., the SMPD received a radio call for service under suspicious circumstances.

Santa Monica Fire Department Paramedics were on scene treating a female and noticed she suffered severe head trauma. Paramedics notified SMPD of their findings. Koosman was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. The victim’s boyfriend. Ferron was at the residence when paramedics arrived.

Kevin Ferron mugshot.
Photo courtesy of SMPD.

Ferron was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He has been arrested four times in the past year, with a felony charge on January 21.

The SMPD indicated in a press release to Canyon News that Ferron was charged with 664/187(a) PC – Attempt Murder; and 273.5(f)(1) PC–Inflicting Corporal Injury on a Spouse/Co-Habitant after prior conviction. He remains in custody pending future court proceedings with a bail option of $2,330,000.

Koosmann was involved in a previous altercation in 2016 that went viral, after she and a previous boyfriend got into an argument with a flight attendant after they refused to let her use the bathroom. The couple’s tirade on the Delta flight forced the pilot to return the plane to the airport. Both Koosman and her boyfriend at the time were arrested and charged.

Anyone with details related to this investigation is asked to call Detective Murphy at (310) 458-8941; Sgt. Williams at (310) 458-8475; or the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 458-8491.