AMERICA—A man was captured on surveillance video onboard the Miami Metromover in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood hitting, slapping, punching, pushing, and jerking a female passenger on September 4 at Miami-Dade Transit on Fifth Street in Miami, FL.

A video of the assault was posted by the victim, who has been identified as Andrea Puerta, a resident of South Florida, via her Youtube channel. The attack on Puerta lasted for a minute, where she sustained severe injuries and bruising.

According to reports, Erika Marquez, the victim’s friend, indicated the women do not feel safe in the neighborhood and are afraid to ride the Metromover. When the attack occurred, Puerta was sitting facing the back of the rail car. The suspect approached the same rail car, walked to the exit door, and came back several seconds later and assaulted her, striking her in the head repeatedly. Puerta attempted to move away from her attacker, who has been identified as Joshua James King, 28. King continued beating her, punching her multiple times, while Puerta sat trapped in her seat.

She used her hands as a guard and begged King to stop assaulting her. King continued to hit and slap Puerta, then he started forcing and pushing her into another section of the rail car, pulling her in the opposite direction in the corner seats, then to the ground. King started kicking, and kneeing Puerta, and punched her in the head rapidly multiple times.

After assaulting Puerta, King turned around with his back facing the victim and waited for the Metromover’s next stop. He was arrested by police and charged with one misdemeanor battery charge and two counts of felony battery. Puerta was transported to a local hospital to be treated for injuries she sustained.

According to authorities, King attacked two other people on September 4. King is described as standing 6 feet and 2 inches tall, and weighing 210 pounds. He posted bail, and is scheduled for a court hearing on Friday, September 25.