Maggio’s Wife Killed In Murder-Suicide

BEVERLY HILLS—Speculation that the woman killed in last week’s murder-suicide in Beverly Hills was the estranged wife of Vincent Maggio have been confirmed to be true.

Jennifer Oda, 31, of Sherman Oaks, was gunned-down by Maggio before the 39-year-old turned the firearm upon himself.

Maggio was a bit-part actor who worked as a celebrity fitness trainer. His client list included names such as Calvin Klein, Rose McGowan, and Mariska Hargitay. Oda, for her part, was a part-time actress as well, owning small parts in “Spider-Man 3” and “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”

Maggio’s identity was quickly made public. However, the identity of the woman involved remained private, until now.

It is not known how long the couple had been together. Those in close proximity to Maggio and Oda report that the former was having a difficult time coping with the marital separation.

Minutes after gunshots were heard near Maggio’s duplex on the 300 block of South Elm Drive, the couple’s teenage son arrived at the apartment to discover the bodies of Oda and Maggio.

Despite their separation, the couple retained close contact, meeting each other frequently before last week’s tragedy. In the aftermath of the shooting, police have maintained that no prior police reports had been made concerning the troubled relationship.