SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, March 11, the Women Look Out photography exhibit opened at the Arena 1 Gallery, at the Santa Monica Airport. The works of the six featured female artists were inspired by social issues and their common desire to bring about social justice.

The artists founded their projects to support causes that might benefit from their photographs. Photographer Iris Schneider traveled to Kenya with the Samburu Project, to document the provision of clean water to the community. Amy Elkins participated in a photo project with Amnesty International, to address the death penalty in the United States. Stephanie Sinclair documented child marriage, which led to the formation of the non-profit organization, Too Young to Wed.

The photographers invite viewers to consider the issues through their own perspectives. According to the Arena 1 Gallery website, the images “bring into focus issues of global and national human rights and examples of important work being done for peace and social justice.”

The concept came about from a desire to speak up during Women’s History Month and a common vision among the six artists. In addition to Elkins, Schneider, and Sinclair, the artists featured include Jona Frank, Barbara Grover, and Marissa Roth. Their projects include Mazon, Jewish World Watch, and One Person Crying: Women and War.

Women Look Out will be on display until April 8, at the Arena 1 Gallery, 3026 Airport Avenue, in Santa Monica.

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