UNITED STATES—The digital world is revolutionized by tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. You read and hear about them almost every day in the headlines of the news, on print and electronic media. Word Google has become another name for a search engine. But there is a lot more about the internet than Google, Facebook, and Amazon. No doubt, these American companies are being used by billions of people all around the world, but it does not mean that they are sufficing the needs of all the diverse users, although Many traders buy Yandex Stock.

There are many other tech industries that are playing a crucial role in the online landscape. One of such unavoidable parts of this industry is Yandex N.V. Though the company is known as the most used search engine in Russia, it is a lot more than that.

An Introduction to Yandex?

Before we dive into the details of the services the company provides and its position in the market, let’s first know what Yandex is. It is a Russian based multinational corporation. Yandex is the biggest online service providing company in Russia. It is more famous than Google all around the country.

How Did It All Begin?

It has its roots in the year 1990, in the foundation of Arkadia company, that developed MS-DOS software. Later in the year 1993, Arkady Volozh, a co-founder of Arkadia, along with one of his friends, started using the name Yandex for search technologies. With the continuous development, the company released a search software for Bible in 1996. And finally, the official search engine was launched on the 23rd of September, 1997.

Offices of Yandex

The firm is basically incorporated in the Netherlands, but the founders of the company and most of their team members are in Russia. The company’s primary customers are the people in Russia and The Commonwealth of Independent States, but it also serves people all around the world through its commercial offices.

The company has 30 offices in 17 different countries. Yandex labs are operational in Silicon Valley since 2008 and in Istanbul since 2011. In 2012 the company launched its sales office in Lucerne to serve its advertising clients in Europe. In the next couple of years, it opened a research and development center in Berlin. Not forgetting the industrial giant, Yandex started its first office in China, in Shanghai, in the year 2015.

What Services Does Yandex provide?

This Russian company is providing more than 70 internet related services for the facilitation of its customers. It deals in online advertisement, navigation, search engine, e-commerce, online information, software development, mobile applications, transportation, and digital marketing.

Yandex launched an online advertising network in the year 2001. You must be aware of Mozilla Firefox. It is also a production of Yandex. It is reported to replace Google as the default search engine for the Russian language. In 2010, Yandex launched a search engine for the English language.

In short, Yandex is dealing with all types of internet services that include transportation and navigation too. The most remarkable services are;

  • Online advertising
  • Ride hailing via Yandex.Taxi (in collaboration with Uber)
  • Self-driving cars
  • Music streaming
  • Email services via Yandex.Mail
  • Data management
  • App analytics
  • Smart home technology
  • Maps via Yandex.Maps
  • Artificial intelligence
  • eCommerce
  • A voice assistant called Alice
  • A web browser called Yandex Browser

What Is the Market Value of Yandex?

Yandex is not all about internet services. It has a remarkable place in international trade and the market. The company earned a substantial profit in November 2002. The sales reached $17 million, which is 1000% in a span of just two years.

Investors all around the world are interested in buying shares in the stocks of Yandex because experts forecast a profitable future for the company. As we know that Yandex is the most dominant search engine in Russia, it is also increasing its base in neighboring countries like Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine. Hence, investors are having high hopes for the company’s stocks.

Though the company has faced various market blues, it is still growing rapidly and has a great influence on its core business of search engines. According to a recent report, Yandex left Google behind for Android users in Russia.

The diversity of Yandex is giving it an edge over its rivals. It is not limited to the search engine services but is reaching out to its customers through the provision of many other facilities. The biggest example of one such service is Yandex.Taxi.

Hence, the long-term technical analysis shows that Yandex stock is still a buy if we ask the experts.