GRIFFITH PARK—On Sunday, August 16, EventBrite informed citizens of Los Angeles that there will be yoga classes in Griffith Park each Sunday at 3 p.m.

The yoga classes will be instructed by Leonard, who is a NASM certified personal trainer and a Vinyasa yoga teacher. The sessions are donation-based, so anybody can join and contribute to the donation as much they would like after class. Classes are divided into two sections: a 45-minute yoga session, followed by a 45-minute sound-healing session. Leonard’s classes are based on the motto that anybody is capable of achieving a health goal they aim for themselves, according to his personal note on EventBrite. Leonard enjoys bringing people together, and holding classes focusing on passion and movement.

Leonard’s yoga class (credits to EventBrite)

The founder and the owner of the fitness, yoga and movement community “Unstoppable Greatness,” holds classes at the intersection of Los Feliz Boulevard and Fern Dell Drive. Free parking spaces are available near the location of the class. Participants are expected to bring their own mat and water. Interested participants can sign up at

Leonard holds online work-out classes as well through the website:

He has been teaching yoga classes at the Griffith Park since fall 2018. He completed his education to be a yoga teacher and a personal trainer in 2015, and trained in Sound Healing as of February 2019. He is also a musician, singer and a producer.