HOLLYWOOD—Man, I really did not plan on writing a column on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” this week, but jeez, Friday’s episode delivered so much juicy content, my brain was spiraling with thoughts and I had to get them out on paper America. I mean the return of Thad Luckinbill as J.T. Hellstrom has turned Genoa City upside down.  I mean this is a character that has always had a temper, but the writers have taken him down a very dark path.

First and foremost, we hinted last week at J.T.’s violent temper which left Victoria rattled to say the least. However, he made promises to never raise a fist to her again, and used his charm to get her to give him a second chance. There have been rumors circulating that J.T. could meet his maker in a grisly fashion, and with the recent turn of events, I now believe those rumors America. If you thought the neck grab was bad, we saw J.T. get into a full-blown fist fight with Victor last week that left the Newman patriarch tumbling down a flight of stairs at the Newman ranch.

J.T. is cold blooded because he took what he needed to deliver to Paul and was on his way. He left a man for dead, and I wonder just exactly what repercussions Paul could face for his role in pushing J.T. to such lengths that he’d do the things he’s done. Yes, Paul didn’t force J.T. to punch and brawl with Victor, however, that pressure to get that information from his foe led to the blow-up we’ve witnessed. J.T. wasn’t the only person looking to keep quiet about Victor, because Jack unexpectedly stopped by and found Victor unconscious.

Instead of immediately calling for help, Jack snooped around for information on his enemy.  Be careful Jack, because he was flabbergasted to learn that his son Kyle was secretly working with Victor! Wow, Victor is a dirty guy, but even on his worst day Victor doesn’t deserve to be in a coma. Victor’s attack was the talk of the town in Genoa City and some might argue its karma for a guy who has committed such devious deeds in the past. I was in awe witnessing J.T. sit in the hospital with the Newman clan knowing he was the culprit that put Victor there; this guy has all the makings of a sociopath.

No one was aware of just what was going on with Victor, because Nikki was busy with her younger lover, just as Sharon and Nick’s passionate kiss almost turned to love-making. Yes, I predicted this week’s ago and it certainly looks like Sharon and Nick will be reunited alas, and fingers crossed nothing transpires to keep them apart from each other. Like I said the only person that could cause a rift in things is the return of Dylan, Chelsea and Adam.

I must say I’m super excited to see Abby back in town. Melissa Ordway is phenomenal in her scenes with Marla Adams. Give Adams that Emmy already for Supporting Actress because she is nailing it out the ballpark. Abby’s treatment of Dina to get the juicy details on that bomb she dropped that Jack Abbott was poised and heart-warming. I mean the audience learned that Jack might not be an Abbott after all. I mean Ashley and Jack, not being Abbott’s are indeed game-changers to say the least. That means only Traci and Billy are true heirs to John Abbott.

Abby was floored with Dina’s revelation about Jack, and Ashley didn’t want to believe anything her mother spilled especially considering she suspects that her Alzheimer’s is responsible for Dina’s behavior. However, when Ashley heard the details from Dina herself it forced her to acknowledge there may be a bit of truth to the matter at hand.

I was wondering when Mac would make her grand return to GC and this week she did. However, J.T. should be careful because he’s showing his true colors and I’m hoping Victoria picks up a clue or two. J.T. and Mac got into a heated argument which Victoria witnessed, and it should be obvious to her that there is a reason mac is divorcing J.T. and seeking full custody of the kids; he’s dangerous. Mac even alluded to J.T.’s temper which is continuing to escalate that each day passes.

The question I have as a viewer is what will be the final act that changes it all? I assume Victoria will land in the hospital or someone will witness bruises or marks on her face where she will be forced to spill the truth and all hell will be unleashed. It might not happen for a couple of weeks, but the “Young and the Restless” is gearing up for a May Sweeps that may be one of its best to date!