AMERICA—After a nine-year-old girl accused her mother’s boyfriend of sexually abusing her, as the mother would watch, video footage of her experiences where she refuses to be with her mother have gone viral all over the internet.

Sophie Long, the daughter of Michael and Kelly Long, who are divorced, is recorded on several videos, which have been posted on the video-sharing platform YouTube. In the videos, Long is told that she has to go with her mother and grandmother for visitation time, where they forcibly try and take her out of the car, as well as CPS officials doing something similar.

The first video shows Sophie being dragged out by her mother and grandmother, as she’s screaming and begging for them not to take her, followed by asking her why she doesn’t want to stay with her mother. She explains what her mother’s boyfriend (whom she identifies as “Mr. Jake”) has done to her, and how her mother makes her feel bad for mentioning it, and saying she doesn’t like it.

The second video shows her being forcibly pulled out of her father’s vehicle by CPS officials, screaming in fear, begging them not to take her away from him, because she’s scared of what her mother’s boyfriend will do to her.

A third video is an audio recording, purportedly of Sophie, along with, at least, one of her brothers, explaining to their father how they are treated differently, when they stay with her mother and her boyfriend. They accuse them of favoritism for another child named Lucas, and say that the boyfriend tries to “wrestle” with them.

Sophie and her sibling also talk about, when sleeping at night, they hear footsteps coming towards them, then see “clowns” that are “feasting” on them. The father asks if these are dreams they are having, which they assure him they aren’t, and that these are actual things happening.

A final video posted on YouTube shows body cam footage, where three uniformed officers approach the mother’s home, asking her questions about incidents involving her ex-husband, and having CPS called on her several times.