HELLO AMERICA—A beautiful young Russian actress fell under the magic spell of Hollywood and decided it was the only place for her to realize her dream in theatre and film.  She is an accomplished dancer, actress and has a passion for the arts generally.  Her name is Katerina Kaufman an extraordinary addition to the entertainment industry.

MSJ: Before coming to America, what was your perception of this country?

KATERINA: I always thought of America as special but very far away place. Being an avid traveler, I am not one to form strong opinions about a county before I have lived there. There are always so many stereotypes about cultures, countries and its people that I try to not generalize anything in life. Also, what one reads sees in the media isn’t anything like what one experiences.

MSJ: Why and when did you decide that being an actress was something you wanted most in life?

KATERINA: From my earliest childhood memories, I was always performing in front of my parents and their friends. My mind was always very creative.  I forced to change schools several times due to my poor grades and behavior. I was a real troublemaker and they would always say that the only thing I can do well as is being on stage and entertain people.

I thought that other students were different than me just because I was the only one who entertained the whole class. At first it was fun, but after, I soon felt that I was just an outcast. Only when I performed that I would forget about my school issues. I felt free when I was on stage before an audience. I would not say that to be an actor is what I want the most in my life, but rather I perceive myself as a performer that touches many areas of artistic expressions.

I found that the most beautiful thing about being a performer is to help others perceive something valuable, open their mind, make them believe and guide them through the process of discovering who they are. I believe that performers have a huge responsibility to future generations. What we do, what we say and think one day will be reflected to our children and we should never ever underestimate the importance of that.

MSJ: What kind of actress do you want to be?

KATERINA: I am drawn to characters with psychological issues, who are living in their own world, characters that are mysterious and face their own life challenges.

Those types of roles are relatable to many people and I have found it to be a very intimate journey. I love historical films as they are a good reminder of where we came from, and how societies evolve through the years.

MSJ: Since arriving in Hollywood what kind of work have you been able to get?  Have you been taking classes in college or working part time elsewhere?

KATERINA: Mainly, I have been focused on getting my degree, as it hasn’t even been a year since coming here. So I’m taking my time to study and get familiar with my surroundings.

I have been previously living in Rome studying design and I felt that I didn’t have the proper opportunity to fully express my artistic knowledge. Moving to Los Angeles has opened up this opportunity for me. Currently, I am honored to represent media pop artist Paul Gerben who creates stunning work.  I work part time, and for me it’s more of a passion for his work and art in general.

MSJ: Since being in this country, have you changed your view about the country or the entertainment industry, if so why?

KATERINA: I had no preconceived notion of the entertainment industry.  However, I have found everyone I have met, so far, to be very supportive and helpful. I think when you have a dream people want to help.

MSJ: Have you, since you have been here changed very much as a person? Do you feel different about who you are or even what you believe you can achieve as an artist?  In other words, who is KATERINA now?

KATERINA: I definitely have changed, when I first arrived in the United States, I was a little too conservative. I was raised in a country where for example, we don’t accept transsexuality, and I had closed views about this topic. After a year of being in the United States, I [am] absolutely supporting it. As an artist, I feel that it is important that I am able express myself freely, as well as co-create in a country that is accepting of many different beliefs and lifestyles. I love the openness and accepting nature of the United States and look forward to continuing the dialog and my furthering artistic expressions.