UNITED STATES—In recent years, many social media platforms have risen in popularity. Both Facebook and Instagram have video features that compete for the users’ attention. Facebook Watch and IGTV are YouTube’s main competitors with millions of users every day. Therefore, if you post content online, you need to know which one to choose. With the right decision, you can dream of viral success and a lucrative online career.

In this article, we will examine YouTube and Facebook Watch in order to discover which one has the best potential for success. Of course, you can easily buy YouTube views from Stormviews, which will expose your channel to a lot of users.

#1 How Easy it is to Get Viral on Each One


If you are trying to create content for social media, you already know how important it is to get your videos to go viral. If one video reaches millions of people, then both your channel and the rest of your content will get as much attention. Facebook Watch is a better platform to create and upload videos that can go viral, compared to YouTube. This is because Facebook Watch is already a social media platform and users can share it with the click of a single button. Of course, this doesn’t mean that videos on YouTube can’t go viral. You simply need to boost them by visiting Stormviews. From this website, you can buy real YouTube views that will help your videos.

#2 How Many Views will your Videos Get on Both of Them

When it comes to views, Facebook Watch also has a slight advantage. Videos on this social media platform as easily watched and rewatched. In some cases, the content is set to automatically play, which increases the number of views, no matter if the users have actually watched it or not. On the other hand, YouTube is for users who are actively looking for videos to watch. This means that all the views you get on this platform come from users truly interested in your content.

#3 Overall Watch Time of your Content

Due to the fact that Facebook Watch has the autoplay option always turned on, videos tend to get a huge number of views. In the long run, this also affects the overall watch time that every creator has. In addition to this, the Facebook algorithm favors all the creators that consistently post new content, meaning that every user will see multiple videos from the same channel. For this reason, the most successful creators on Facebook have trillions of views in their lifetime.

#4 How Engaged is your Audience

Another thing that you need to check while choosing platforms is the engagement that videos are getting. For example, you can check the number of shares, likes, comments, and every channel’s followers. On Facebook Watch, you might notice a huge number of shares, especially on viral videos. However, you will notice that they lack reactions and comments, which are the basic indicators of engagement. This means that the majority of the users that have watched the video will not come back to this creator for more content.

#5 How Many Impressions will your Video Get

Impressions is an important metric for social media as it shows the potential reach of any post you create. When it comes to this number, both platforms have similar chances as they both receive millions of users every day. Nevertheless, YouTube holds more potential than Facebook Watch. This is because YouTube videos can appear on a Google search, depending on the keyword that the user has entered. Thus, the potential reach of a YouTube video is much greater compared to a Facebook video. Of course, you need to buy YouTube views from Stormviews to let Google notice your video and recommend it.

#6 Where are the Most Loyal Subscribers

When it comes to building a loyal audience that will watch every video that you post, YouTube is the best platform. This happens because YouTube is a platform for watching videos and therefore, there aren’t any distractions. This way, users focus on finding the content they most enjoy and subscribe to their favorite channels. On the other hand, Facebook is full of distractions. Users are bombarded with videos, photos, status updates, and messages. Therefore, if you want to create a strong bond with your viewers, you need to create a YouTube channel. When you establish one, don’t forget to buy YouTube views from Stormviews to help your channel grow fast.

#7 Which Platform is Faster to Grow an Audience

Before you choose where to post your content online, you need to consider how fast you want to find success. As we have already mentioned, Facebook Watch is great for getting a huge number of views in a short amount of time. However, your videos’ viewers will not be loyal to your channel, meaning that they won’t become your followers easily. In fact, pages on Facebook have a more difficult time creating a community compared to YouTube channels. For this reason, a YouTube channel will bring your users closer to you, and with the right promotional strategy, you can grow it faster than a Facebook page. One sure way to do it is to buy YouTube views from Stormviews and reach your targeted users.

#8 Monetization Options

Both YouTube and Facebook Watch offer you monetization options that can lead to a potentially lucrative career. The most common way to earn profit from your content is to enable ads. The more users that watch your content, the more profit you will earn. However, many creators on YouTube have found multiple other ways to get support from their viewers. Indicatively, they are using affiliate links, sponsorships, crowdfunding, and they even sell merchandise.

Facebook Watch, IGTV, and YouTube are all platforms that receive a lot of users every day. When you create online content, you will benefit from posting it on all of them. However, when you create a channel, make sure that you buy YouTube views from Stormviews so that you grow it fast.