HOLLYWOOD─It looks like a new love affair is blossoming between Zoe Buckingham and Thomas Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” If it wasn’t for Thomas eavesdropping on that conversation between Zoe and Steffy in her office, he would have no clue that Zoe was out to expose him. Thomas knows it, but has done an exceptional job at covering it from the rest of the world. Zoe is perhaps in the toughest predicament because she has genuine feelings for Thomas, but isn’t fully aware if he is INDEED playing her or if he actually cares.

They have shared several kisses, not to mention, this week, the two took their relationship to the next level by spending the night together. Let’s just call it as we see it: Zoe is in love with Thomas and blinded by his affection. However, other forces in the Forrester drama are aware of what might be taking place. For starters, Brooke is adamant in her quest to not give Thomas an olive branch. She does not trust the guy. She has made that crystal clear to Ridge and even if it costs her the love of her life, she is not changing her mind on it.

Well at least Brooke is not ambivalent to Thomas’ actions. She might be the only person pegging Thomas for the master manipulator that he is. Steffy is still uncertain about her brother, she wants to see the good in her big brother, but she knows something is not right. The kisses that he places on Zoe just as Hope enters a room (the office and the Forrester mansion), is no coincidence.

I mean, Brooke aired her grievances about Thomas to Steffy, and the wise one did not dismiss them. She understands Brooke’s hesitation to allow Thomas back into her life considering what transpired with Beth, heck Steffy should feel the exact same way. So with Brooke and Steffy aware of Thomas machinations, so is Liam who was absolutely taken aback by Thomas’ sudden interest in Zoe. He knows something is not right, and so does Hope, who wants to believe Thomas has changed now that she is working with him to ensure her fashion house defeats Steffy and Sally.

People might have their suspicions, but it is the audience who knows exactly what Thomas is up to and that he is still fantasizing and dreaming about a relationship with Hope. My biggest worry is that Thomas will indeed do something crazy as we enter 2020 and near February Sweeps. We thought Emma’s death was a shock, I think Thomas’ next move might be even more alarming.

Rumors are swirling that another death and a big one this time is slated to occur on “The Bold and the Beautiful” in 2020. Start placing your bets as to who that person might be, because I have a slight idea, but I don’t want to jinx anything just yet, because I prefer to be surprised. Predictability is never a good thing in the soap arena in my personal opinion.