BEVERLY HILLS/LOS ANGELES—In a previous Canyon News report, readers were notified of false claims made by Prince Frederic von Anhalt regarding an alleged amputation procedure that never took place.  Edward Lozzi, noted Beverly Hills publicist and representative of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s daughter, Francesca Hilton, dispels new rumors surrounding Gabor.

Previously, Lozzi told Canyon News, “Francesca Hilton is still waiting for an official report from UCLA Medical and Zsa Zsa’s doctors. The only information about Zsa Zsa’s condition is being distributed to the media from the same unreliable source that has proven time and time again to be inaccurate and misleading.”

New information would seem to follow the pattern described earlier by Lozzi as “sensationalist.”  In an interview with TMZ, Prince von Anhalt—“the source”—indicated he would be making a “life or death” decision concerning his wife by the end of the week.  If von Anhalt is believed, a surgical option is still under consideration as a means of removing the blood clots in Zsa Zsa’s leg.  Other options include several months of antibiotic treatments.  Statistically speaking, over 90 percent of amputations are normally prevented.

Edward Lozzi spoke to Canyon News about these latest developments.  “It may be a life or death situation. It may not,” Lozzi said.  “Until von Anhalt allows Zsa Zsa’s immediate family (Hilton’s) to review the official medical records, to be verified by the attending surgeons, and to visit Zsa Zsa herself, no one can know the truth.”

Lozzi explained that the law permits the actions taken by von Anhalt, despite ethical considerations arising from censoring his wife’s condition and preventing extended family from seeing Gabor in what could be her last moments.

Lozzi also informed Canyon News that von Anhalt is purportedly enlisting a faith-healer to work a “miracle.”

“And now the clown act gets better with von Anhalt calling TMZ to announce that accused religious scammer Benny Hinn, is coming to Zsa Zsa for a miracle,” Lozzi exclaimed.

Following her hip surgery in July, Gabor suffered from infections.  Gabor was in a car accident in 2002, confining her to a wheelchair.  In 2005, Gabor had a stroke.

Still too little is known about Gabor’s condition, and medical options are still under consideration.