Canyon News is a team made up of people who are passionate about finding the truth and telling it. Our goal is to provide a media outlet that doesn’t focus on ratings and popularity yet gives the reader something to lean on… the truth!

Your first 6 months with us is mostly learning. We teach you how to weed out the media hype, spin and non-truths. Since we want to make sure everyone in our team is passionate about what we do, we have a competitive procedure to become part of our team. There are three ways to get your foot in the door:

1) ADVERTISING SALES: Currently accepting applications for field and home ad reps, offering generous commission packages.

2) INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: Home or Office based 15 weeks, 26 weeks or 52 weeks. 98% of our staff has been chosen from our internship program.

3) VOLUNTEER: Welcoming all people who are interested in unbiased news, while offering a voice for freedom of speech without censorship. If you wish to do a column, please submit a one paragraph pitch of your column idea and submit with the application.

Once you fill it out please email it to or fax it to (310) 277-6018

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