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“Hitman: Agent 47,” Flashes Of Action, Lacks Story

HOLLYWOOD—Anyone who plays video games might be well aware of the hit game "Hitman." In 2007, the video game got the big screen treatment...

Immigration Ruling Sparks Problems

CALIFORNIA—On Tuesday, May 26, immigration advocates responded negatively  to the appeals court decision on President Obama’s immigration action. A decision made previously this year in...

“Pitch Perfect 2” Explodes The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It is official, the summer box-office will be a competition till the end of August. The sequel “Pitch Perfect 2” singed its way to...

“Mad Max: Fury Road,” A Destitute Tale

HOLLYWOOD—Ok, I never saw the first “Mad Max” film starring Mel Gibson back in 1979, it was before my time. Heck, I never saw...

“Insurgent” Is A Fun-Action Ride

HOLLYWOOD—I will be the first to admit when the first installment of the “Divergent” franchise hit theaters in 2014 I was no major fan....
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