Tag: African-Americans

“Black And Blue” Is Fun, Nothing Stellar

HOLLYWOOD—This was a movie that I was quite eager to see because I felt its ability to tackle a serious issue involving police officers...

John Singleton, A Master Behind The Lens

HOLLYWOOD—The passing of Hollywood writer, producer and director John Singleton this week thru me for an absolute loop. It just seemed to come out...

Black Stars More Mouth Than Action

HELLO AMERICA!—It pains me tremendously, but the truth must be told, that our so-called Black stars of film and stage today who are touted...

Films Of “Black” Life Present Serious Problems

HELLO AMERICA!—I recently viewed a film that was so insulting and demeaning I refuse to mention the title.  The location of the story-line took...

Saving Black Lives

UNITED STATES—We have heard the conversation for the past few years about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in response to the countless lives of...
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