Tag: Anika

“Empire” Season Finale Stunner!

HOLLYWOOD—I will admit I’ve been back and forth on “Empire” for its fourth season. I thought the first half started slow, but ramped up...

“Empire” Ends Season 3 With An Epic Bang!

HOLLYWOOD—Man, the third season of the FOX hit “Empire” has been a stay in your seat, can’t wait to see what happens thrill-ride since...

“Empire” Fall Finale Full Of Surprises

HOLLYWOOD—Season three of the FOX series “Empire” has been intense, must-see and full of surprises from week-to-week. The season three mid-season finale was full...

“Empire” Answers Questions For Season 3!

HOLLYWOOD—Well, season two of the FOX series “Empire” wasn’t as strong as the first season in my opinion, but the second season sure ended...

“Empire” Returns Bigger Than Ever!

HOLLYWOOD—When we last left the musical drama “Empire” all sorts of craziness had exploded. Lucious Lyon had lost control of his company thanks to...
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